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International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM)
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Vol. 4: 2 issues (2016)
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International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM)

Published Semi-Annually. Est. 2013.
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ISSN: 2155-5621|EISSN: 2155-563X|DOI: 10.4018/IJPHIM|
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Niazi, Muaz A. and Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz. "International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM)." (2013). Web. 14 Feb. 2016. doi:10.4018/IJPHIM


Niazi, M. A., & Jimenez-Ruiz, E. (2013). International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM). doi:10.4018/IJPHIM


Niazi, Muaz A. and Ernesto Jimenez-Ruiz. "International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM)," (2013), accessed (February 14, 2016), doi:10.4018/IJPHIM

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The International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM) publishes original research and reviews on all aspects of privacy and health information management. The journal serves as a unique venue for researchers as well as practitioners interested in reviewing the latest research on application of computational methods to various aspects of privacy and the management of healthcare information. Aspects of interest can cover such diverse topics as technological, medical, social, ethical, and legal aspects of healthcare data. The journal publishes three types of rigorous and high quality articles: research articles, research notes, and research reviews. Research articles are full papers presenting innovative findings that make substantial theoretical and empirical contributions to knowledge in the field by using various theoretical and methodological approaches. Research notes are novel, complete and concise high quality research articles; they may include exploratory studies, extensions of articles previously published in IJPHIM and summaries of doctoral theses in related areas. Research reviews are insightful and carefully crafted articles that conceptualize research areas, synthesize previous innovative findings, advance the understanding of the field, and identify and develop future research directions. Authors are welcome to submit manuscripts that qualify for any of these three categories.


Journal Contents

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Volume 4: 2 Issues (2016): Forthcoming, Available for Pre-Order
Volume 3: 2 Issues (2015)
Volume 2: 2 Issues (2014)
Volume 1: 2 Issues (2013)
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The primary mission of the International Journal of Privacy and Health Information Management (IJPHIM) is to be instrumental in the improvement and development of the theory and practice of privacy and health information management. The journal publishes original high quality peer-reviewed articles concerned with various aspects in the areas of privacy and health information management. The journal targets a broad audience ranging from computer scientists and engineers to healthcare professionals and researchers in social sciences.


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Topics Covered

  • Advances in data formats and knowledge representation of healthcare data
  • Ambient assisted living and smart spaces
  • Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • Bioinformatics and computational biology
  • Body sensor networks
  • Classifications/nomenclatures (e.g., SNOMED-CT, ICD-10, ICD-11, ICPC, etc.)
  • Country and disease-wise specialized systems for healthcare information management
  • Data collection from hospitals
  • Data encryption
  • Data masking and obfuscation
  • Data privacy
  • Data quality
  • Decision Support Systems
  • Development of necessary policies and legislation of health information management (information governance and health information management)
  • Development of necessary standards for data transmission, data quality, and data vocabularies
  • Dissemination of best practices in HIM (e.g., electronic signatures, CPOE, privacy impact assessments, risk assessment, and record retention, storage, and destruction)
  • Electronic health information and fully realized electronic record issues (e.g., constituting legal records, secondary uses of data, privacy and confidentiality of health data, necessary data and transmission standards, and coding standards)
  • Evaluation of security of individuals as the custodian of the health record
  • Expert systems
  • Future of health information management
  • Green computing
  • Hash algorithms for privacy
  • Healthcare data management issues
  • Healthcare informatics
  • Healthcare record management and dissemination systems
  • Identity Management
  • Identity Theft
  • Information disclosure
  • Internet of Things
  • Issues related to primary versus secondary uses of health data (e.g., data mining, data warehouses, disease surveillance, registry development, de-identification, and anonymization of health data)
  • Issues related to the consequences of sharing HIM across boundaries, nationally, and internationally
  • Mobile Computing
  • Ontologies
  • Patient data management and confidentiality in lab tests
  • Pervasive computing
  • Policies for electronic record retention, storage, and destruction
  • Privacy and confidentiality of health data
  • Privacy and health information management in cloud computing
  • Procedures and protocols in labs, hospitals, and research institutes
  • Risk Management
  • Role of HIM professionals (e.g., data stewardship/data custodians, privacy officers, and health information analysts)
  • Semantic Web
  • Smart cards
  • Smart grids
  • Surveillance of record usage
  • Training and education for HIMs, HIs, and other e-health workers continuing education and professional development
  • Use of digital certificates
  • Use of emergency services using pervasive technology
  • Use of social simulation methods to evaluate healthcare and privacy policies
  • Use of statistical methods
  • Web 2.0
  • Web services for data sharing

Editor(s)-in-Chief Biography

Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz is a postdoctoral research assistant at the Department of Computer Science, University of Oxford (UK). He obtained his PhD in Computer Science with honours from the University Jaume I (Spain), and he was awarded with the Extraordinary Doctoral Award (Engineering category). His research currently covers several areas, including biomedical information processing, ontology reuse, ontology versioning, ontology alignment, and text mining. He has published more than 80 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences; including 6 Quartile-1 journals, 5 Quartile-2 journals, 2 CORE-A* conference papers, and 10 CORE-A conference papers. He has also served as reviewer in a number of top-tier conferences and journals.

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus
Muaz Niazi, COMSATS Institute of IT, Pakistan
International Advisory Board
Roberta Ness, University of Texas, United States
Associate Editors
Esma Aimeur, University of Montreal, Canada
José Bravo, MAmI Research Lab – Castilla‐La Mancha University, Spain
Giancarlo Fortino, Universita della Calabria, Italy
Güney Gürsel, GATA, Turkey
Francesco longo, University of Calabria, Italy
Kami Makki, Lamar University, United States
Sajjad Mohsin, COMSATS Institute of IT, Pakistan
Navonil Mustafee, University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Shane Reti, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Abdelmounaam Rezgui, George Mason University, United States
Chia-Wen Tsai, Ming Chuan University, Taiwan
Carlos Westphall, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil
Editorial Review Board
Mansoor Ahmed, COMSATS, Institute of Information Technology, Islamabad, Pakistan
Mohd Anwar, University of Pittsburgh, United States
Syin Chan, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Giancarlo Fortino, Universita della Calabria, Italy
Sébastien Gambs, Université de Rennes 1 - INRIA, France
Yasaman Khodadadegan, Arizona State University, United States
Hyoungshick Kim, University of Cambridge, United States
Chunming Liu, T-Mobile, United States
Frank Loebe, University of Leipzig, Germany
Xi Long, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Rongxing Lu, University of Waterloo, United States
Ronny Mans, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
Enrique Perez, Florida Institute of Technology, United States
Paulo Rupino da Cunha, University of Coimbra, Portugal
Lina Soualmia, Rouen University, France
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