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What is Debrief

Simulation and Game-Based Learning in Emergency and Disaster Management
A reflective learning activity carried out at the end of a simulation that further places the simulation into the context of the associated learning objectives.
Published in Chapter:
Introduction to Simulation Learning in Emergency and Disaster Management
Nicole K. Drumhiller (American Public University System, USA), Terri L. Wilkin (American Public University System, USA), and Karen V. Srba (Saint Francis University, USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-4087-9.ch001
Simulation and game-based learning is an essential learning application especially as it pertains to a high-stakes field like emergency and disaster management. Introducing real-life learning applications into the classroom allows the learner to make critical decisions at different points throughout a simulation providing practical learning that leads to a cognitive understanding of the material. These simulated practices ensure memory and longer retention of these events or tasks, a requirement to ensure that learning transpires. Likewise, these simulations also place the learner under acute stress, something that replicates the stress felt during real-life disasters. Therefore, it is crucial to have students apply what they have learned in simulations as a demonstration of their learning. These learned skills are essential for students to be marketable and thrive in a career field where decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking are vital for their success.
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Implementing a Knowledge Management-Based Model for Lessons Learned
A process of reviewing and analyzing past activities, in order to learn lessons as how to act in the future.
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Guided reflection that supports learners in processing what happened during a simulation and applying lessons to future scenarios.
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