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What is Collective Action

Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology, Fifth Edition
A collaborative or cooperative action performed by a group of people, governed by self-interest, aimed at achieving a common vision.
Published in Chapter:
Mobilization: Decision Theory
Idongesit Williams (Aalborg University, Denmark)
Copyright: © 2021 |Pages: 15
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-3479-3.ch098
Mobilization is an aspect in every sphere of human endeavor. It is the underlying force enabling the actions evident around us, be it in organizations, our individual lives, society and in governance. There are lots of social theories that provide insights into the dynamics of most actions. These could be actions triggered by individuals or groups. However, social theories that actually explain the main reasons as to why mobilization occurs are either rare or very contextual. In some of these cases, mobilization is treated as a process. But if we think about it, Mobilization is a result of a decision. The decision could either be a conscious or an unconscious decision. There ought to be rational factors that explains why these decisions are made towards mobilization. This is because the choice not to mobilize would also have been triggered by a set of factors. This chapter utilities social movement theories, actor network theory, the logic of collective behavior, and the community-based mobilization networks to attempt to identify the factors that will trigger the decision to mobilize.
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Integrating Inner and External Dimensions for Holistic Sustainability
Working together with different groups in a mindful way to include everyone in the conversation and to empower every individual involved.
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Designing University Techscapes
The view that action is most likely to occur when both the individuals and the collective perceive that collaboration will produce desirable benefits as change is stimulated incrementally.
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Sociology of the COVID-19 Lockdown: Critical Analysis of Its Effects on Private School Teacher Wellbeing
Collective action refers to action taken together by a group of people whose goal is to enhance their condition and achieve a common objective. It is a term that has formulations and theories in many areas of the social sciences including psychology, sociology, anthropology, political science, and economics.
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Agency at Play for Collective Impact in Human Services Systems: A Case Study of Digital Games for Change as Design Justice Interventions
Concerted efforts or working together of nonprofits, governments, businesses, and the public towards a common agenda for making collective impact. This study highlights the role that can be played by those experiencing these issues in the concerted effort.
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Resolving Wicked Problems through Collaboration
people coordinating together inside a game, producing some result in the sum total of their actions that cannot be seen from any individual’s action.
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Rapid E-Learning in the University
An initiative undertaken by groups of owners, industry groups, government groups, and so forth, who audit the collective system operation and exchange information to detect patterns of distributed attacks.
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The Story of Resistance: How Do Social Movements Tell Their Stories?
The term that is coined for every action in a social movement as a whole.
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Micro- to Meso- to Macro-Scale Coordinated Individual and Group Action(s) on Electronic Hive Minds
Mass coordinated social actions in order to achieve shared objectives for large-scale social change.
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