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What is Situation

Handbook of Research on Advanced Research Methodologies for a Digital Society
The level social relations where exchanges are produced by individuals, groups, or communities.
Published in Chapter:
Composed Cognitive Maps: How Little Things Became Big in Crime Analysis
Daniel Castro Aniyar (Universidad Laica Eloy Alfaro de Manabí, Ecuador)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-8473-6.ch047
Composed cognitive maps are a tool based on grounded theory and on Lynch's urban model of cognitive maps, which allow the transfer of information from ethnographic situations to general patterns, and to the so-called spatial dynamics. In criminological matters, they have been applied in the context of environmental and criminology of place to identify criminal situations, criminal patterns, and spatial dynamics of crime. The latter concept has allowed reliable diagnoses for the design of criminal policies. Their advantages are compared with traditional criminometric methods. It introduces a brief compilation of the existing literature on the subject. In a special way, this chapter shows how composed cognitive maps allowed the measurement of drug trafficking networks, police intelligence, and, above all, crime reduction.
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Urban Interior Design: A Relational Approach for Resilient and Experiential Cities
Contextual and objective condition that surrounds and determines the behaviour of a person or a community in a given place.
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Interactive Spaces: What If Walls Could Talk?
Contextual and objective condition “framing” the behaviour of a person or a community that, in design terms, gains also an executive value.
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Communication Dynamics of Women in Microfinance Projects as a Model for Women Empowerment: Microfinance Projects for Poverty Alleviation in the Philippines
Presents the specific set of characteristics that pertain to a development initiative that is the location of happenings or events about it, along a dimensional range. Situation also means the set of conditions within which the intervention strategies are done to carry out, manage and handle specific development initiatives. The situation includes the following: intensity, duration, location, and obtained help (refers to context ).
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Automated Monitoring and Forecasting of the Development of Educational Technologies
A sequence of interrelated events that reflects the development of a certain educational technology or method.
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Managing Individuals and Organizations Through Leadership: Diversity Consciousness Roadmap
This is a set of circumstances or relationships to events happening around.
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