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What is Unconditional Love

Handbook of Research on Examining Global Peacemaking in the Digital Age
Seeking a practical and personally useful life definition for unconditional love as shared in my first book, Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self-Discovery ( Becker, 2008 ), I chose to understand and evolve each of the two words “unconditional” and “love” to their core essence of meaning. In this unique combination of two words brought back together, my definition simply stated; “unconditional love is an unlimited way of being”.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Our Potential for Love and Peace: A Phenomenological View
Harold W. Becker (The Love Foundation Inc., USA)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-3032-9.ch027
In this presentation, we explore a view of our human potential as an intuitive and evolving understanding on a personal level. Using a phenomenological approach, rather than a traditional analytical social science approach, we can discover the vital qualitative aspects that are not normally considered in a traditional quantitative analysis. The nature of universal love and peace are more experiential and subjective at a primary level, involving a deeper inquiry from the individual's perspective, interpretation and experience. Consciousness and self-awareness are central themes that are essential to a sustainable humanity and planet in this unparalleled epoch of quantum change. Technology, and the more recently emerging real-time worldwide social interactions, are accelerating this new paradigm where typical survival instincts are transforming into creative and collaborative, holistic actions on a global scale. Love and peace are the core attributes leading this shift of the ages and it is all beginning from within.
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