Learning Management System Technologies and Software Solutions for Online Teaching: Tools and Applications

Learning Management System Technologies and Software Solutions for Online Teaching: Tools and Applications

Yefim Kats (Rivier College, USA)
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Release Date: May, 2010|Copyright: © 2010 |Pages: 486
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With the rapid proliferation of distance learning, schools confront the difficult problem of choosing and managing an appropriate technological environment that fits their budget, technical resources, curriculum, pedagogy, and profile of the student body.

Learning Management System Technologies and Software Solutions for Online Teaching: Tools and Applications focuses on the interaction between learning management systems and relevant teaching methodologies to bring attention to developments in distance learning technologies and programs. This book covers commercial and open-source LMSs as well as technologies used for synchronous and asynchronous course delivery, offering a comprehensive discussion of factors influencing the transition from one LMS to another. Discussing topics such as virtual labs, electronic portfolios, and technological solutions related to the problems of plagiarism, student tracking, assessment, and security of e-learning environment, this book proves to be a comprehensive guide on the available technological solutions in the area of online education.

Topics Covered

The many academic areas covered in this publication include, but are not limited to:

  • Commercial learning management systems
  • Distance learning courses
  • E-learning environments at university levels
  • Experiences and opinions of online learning environments
  • Hybrid and online course delivery with emerging technologies
  • Open synchronicity for online class support
  • Plagiarism detection tools in learning management systems
  • Security and privacy and e-learning
  • Student participation in online learning
  • Student portfolio development for online course instruction
  • Teaching and designing online classroom

Reviews and Testimonials

This collection of twenty-one articles on online education showcases current scholarship in developing online technologies such as Learning Management Systems (LMS) and course management software. The work is divided into four sections covering an overview of learning management system concepts, planning and the selection of appropriate LMS technologies, tracking and evaluation, and best practices in online education, and individual essays cover such topics as security and privacy management, preparing faculty for transition to LMS, tracking student participation and effort and designing and teaching in purely online classrooms. ...

– Sci Tech Book News, BookNews.com

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Author(s)/Editor(s) Biography

Yefim Kats received his PhD from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York. His interests include Informatics, Data and Knowledge Management, e-Learning, and Social Implications of Technology. Dr. Kats has an extensive curriculum development and teaching experience with traditional, hybrid, and online courses. He authored a number of publications, several of them on curriculum development and instructional methodology. Dr. Kats is a recipient - as the Principle Investigator - of the federal research grants from the National Research Council and the National Institute of Health. Dr. Kats has taught a wide range of courses in Computer Science, Information Systems, Informatics, and Social Sciences.