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International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET)

Published Quarterly. Est. 2010.
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ISSN: 1947-8607|EISSN: 1947-878X|DOI: 10.4018/IJAVET|
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Wang, Victor C. X., Stephen Brookfield and Patricia Cranton. "International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET)." (2010). Web. 26 Nov. 2014. doi:10.4018/IJAVET


Wang, V. C., Brookfield, S., & Cranton, P. (2010). International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET). doi:10.4018/IJAVET


Wang, Victor C. X., Stephen Brookfield and Patricia Cranton. "International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET)," (2010), accessed (November 26, 2014), doi:10.4018/IJAVET

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International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET)
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The International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET) provides a global look at educational technologies for adult learners with content drawing from theory, research, practice, individual experience, and insight by leading scholars, theorists, and practitioners worldwide. IJAVET provides educators, researchers, practitioners, and graduate students with insight into all areas affecting teaching, learning, research, and practice, sharing innovative pedagogies and inspirational insights into career and technical education (CTE), adult education, and technology.


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Volume 5: 3 Issues (2014)
Volume 4: 4 Issues (2013)
Volume 3: 4 Issues (2012)
Volume 2: 4 Issues (2011)
Volume 1: 4 Issues (2010)
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The mission of the International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology (IJAVET) is to advance the understanding, practice, and research within career and technical education (CTE), adult education, and technology. IJAVET delivers high quality academic articles that are engaging, thought provoking, participative, and reflective spanning a wide spectrum of related issues. Providing original and creative ideas based on results of research, this journal employs a variety of methods and approaches, including (but not limited to) quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Reviews and Testimonials

Innovative as well as inspirational. The editors and reviewers are definitely first rate scholars in the field.

– Stanton Wortham, University of Pennsylvania, USA

I congratulate you on your leadership and vision for having conceived of, generated, and published the new informative and enlightening journal, International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology. It fills a much needed void in the production and dissemination of knowledge about adult vocational education and technology. Our global community of scholars and practitioners in adult and vocational education will greatly benefit from this new source of research-based and field tested research about the critical role of technology in the practice of adult and vocational education in many different institutional/agency and environmental/social-cultural contexts.

– Edgar Boone, International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame (IACEHOF) and North Carolina State University, USA


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Topics Covered

  • Adult Education
  • Adult teaching methods
  • Agriculture education
  • Business Education
  • Career and technical education
  • Change and leadership
  • Comparative adult education
  • Comparative career and technical education
  • Corporate training methods
  • Distance Education
  • Family and consumer science
  • Fostering an online learning community
  • Future trends in information technologies
  • Health occupations education
  • Higher Education
  • Human Performance Technology
  • Human Resource Development
  • Human Resource Management
  • Impact of technology on CTE and adult education
  • Information Technologies
  • Instructional technology
  • Issues in successful aging
  • Lifelong Learning
  • New brain research and its impact on thinking, feeling, and performance
  • Online Teaching and Learning
  • Organizational Development
  • Organizational Learning
  • Organizational psychology
  • Rehabilitation
  • School Leadership
  • Teaching and learning with technology in CTE and adult education
  • Technical education
  • Technological innovations in CTE and adult education
  • Technology education
  • Third agers
  • Training and Development
  • Transformative learning
  • Vocational guidance
  • Vocational-industrial education

Editor(s)-in-Chief Biography

Dr. Victor C. X. Wang is a Professor of Adult and Community Education (Workforce Education) at Florida Atlantic University. Thus far, Dr. Wang has published nearly 200 refereed books, book chapters, and journal articles. These publications address andragogy and pedagogy, which can be considered as the umbrella under which such areas as andragogical curriculum and program development, management, human performance technology, social justice, global education, diversity and E-learning are addressed.

Currently, Dr. Wang is co-editing the International Journal of Adult Vocational Education and Technology with a world-leading theorist, Dr. Stephen Brookfield, and another world-leading adult education theorist and statistician, Dr. Patricia Cranton. Dr. Wang has won many academic achievement awards, including the Distinguished Faculty Scholarly & Creative Achievement Award. He has had extensive experience in chairing and mentoring doctoral dissertations (including dissertations from University of Auckland, New Zealand). Some of his books have been adopted as required textbooks by major universities in the United States, and in China. In addition, numerous universities worldwide including some Ivy League Universities have cataloged his books and journal articles. Dr. Wang’ teaching (including teaching via technology) has reached many states in the United States and China.

Stephen Brookfield, since beginning his teaching career in 1970, Stephen Brookfield has worked in England, Canada, Australia, and the United States, teaching in a variety of college settings. He has written fifteen books on adult learning, teaching, critical thinking, discussion methods and critical theory, six of which have won the Cyril O. Houle World Award for Literature in Adult Education (in 1986, 1989, 1996, 2005, 2011 and 2012). He also won the 1986 Imogene Okes Award for Outstanding Research in Adult Education. His work has been translated into German, Korean, Finnish, Chinese, Japanese, and Polish. In 1991, he was awarded an honorary doctor of letters degree from the University System of New Hampshire for his contributions to understanding adult learning. In 2001, he received the Leadership Award from the Association for Continuing Higher Education (ACHE) for "extraordinary contributions to the general field of continuing education on a national and international level." In 2008 he was awarded the Morris T. Keeton Award of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning for "significant contributions to the field of adult and experiential learning." He currently serves on the editorial boards of educational journals in Britain, Canada and Australia, as well as in the United States. During 2002, he was a Visiting Professor at Harvard University. In 2003, he was awarded an honorary doctor of letters degree from Concordia University (St. Paul). After 10 years as a Professor of Higher and Adult Education at Columbia University in New York, he now holds the title of Distinguished University Professor at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota where he recently won the university's Diversity Leadership Teaching & Research Award and also the John Ireland Presidential Award for Outstanding Achievement as a Teacher/Scholar. In 2008 he also received the Morris T. Keeton Award of the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning for his outstanding contributions to adult and experiential learning. In 2009 he was inducted into the international Adult Education Hall of Fame and in 2010 he received an honorary doctor of letters degree from Muhlenberg College.
Patricia Cranton earned her PhD in Measurement, Evaluation, and Computer Applications from the University of Toronto in 1976. She has taught at McGill University, Brock University, University of New Brunswick, St. Francis Xavier University, and Penn State University. She is currently a Professor of Adult Education (retired) affiliated with the University of New Brunswick in Canada.

Editorial Board

Senior Editors
John Henschke, Lindenwood University, USA
Barbara Hinton, University of Arkansas, USA
Sharan Merriam, University of Georgia, USA
Sean W. Mulvenon, University of Arkansas, USA
Judith Parker, Columbia University, USA
James Witte, Auburn University, USA

Associate Editors
Laura Bierema, University of Georgia, USA
Ernest Brewer, University of Tennessee, USA
John Hope, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Kathleen King, University of South Florida, USA
Patricia Maslin-Ostrowski, Florida Atlantic University, USA
Catherine McLoughlin, Australian Catholic University, Australia
Mark Tennant, University of Technology, Australia
Teresa Torres Coronas, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
Maria Witte, Auburn University, USA

International Editorial Review Board
Jeff Allen, University of North Texas, USA
Carrie J. Boden-McGill, Texas State University, San Marcos, TX, USA
Ellen Boeren, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Royce Ann Collins, Kansas State University, USA
Catherine A Hansman, Cleveland State University, USA
Randee Lipson Lawrence, National Louis University, USA
Kerry Lee, University of Auckland, New Zealand
Vivian Mott, East Carolina University, USA
Sandra Poirier, Middle Tennessee State University, USA
Thomas G. Reio, Jr., Florida International University, USA
Jennifer Sandlin, Arizona State University, USA
Valerie A. Storey, University of Central Florida, USA
Karen Swanson, Mercer University, USA
Jonathan E. Taylor, Troy University, USA
Geraldine Torrisi-Steele, Griffith University, Australia
Chengbo Wang, Edge Hill University, United Kingdom
Lihua Xu, University of Central Florida, USA
Helen Yeh, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Mary Ziegler, University of Tennessee, USA

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