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What is Veracity

Big Data Analytics for Sustainable Computing
Veracity represents the uncertainty of the data as it comes from an untrusted source and needs more optimization.
Published in Chapter:
Understanding Big Data
Naciye Güliz Uğur (Sakarya University, Turkey) and Aykut Hamit Turan (Sakarya University, Turkey)
Copyright: © 2020 |Pages: 29
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-9750-6.ch001
In today's world, it is necessary to use data or information available in a wise manner to make effective business decisions and define better objectives. If the information available is not utilized to its full extent, organizations might lose their reputation and position in this competitive world. However, data needs to be processed appropriately to gain constructive insights from it, and the heterogeneous nature of this data makes this increasingly more complex and time-consuming. The ever-increasing growth of data generated is far more than human processing capabilities and thus computing methods need to be automated to scale effectively. This chapter defines Big Data basically and provides an overview of Big Data in terms of current status, organizational effects (technology, health care, education, etc.), implementation challenges and Big Data projects. This research adopted literature review as methodology and refined valuable information through current journals, books, magazines and blogs.
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Whistleblowing to Expose Criminal Activity in the Health Sector
Conformity to facts; accuracy. Veracity is often difficult to establish in whistleblowing contexts since most whistleblowers have only limited information on a specified issue. Consequently, a significant proportion of external whistleblowing incidents have been found to be false. Contemporary whistleblowing laws such as the 2019 law in Australia require whistleblowers to provide objective evidence as condition to raising concerns internally or externally.
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Web Intelligence: A Fuzzy Knowledge-Based Framework for the Enhancement of Querying and Accessing Web Data
Veracity can be described as the quality of trustworthiness of the data. In other wards, veracity is the consistency in data due to its statistical reliability. It is also among the five dimentions of big data which are volume, velocity, value, variety and veracity.
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Big Data Analytics Demystified
Organizations need to ensure that the data is correct as well as the analyses performed on the data are correct. Veracity refers to the correctness of the data.
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Review of Big Data Applications in Finance and Economics
Data veracity is a combination of four dimensions: completeness, consistence, correctness, and timeliness. These dimensions apply to both quantitative and qualitative data.
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Intelligence-Based Operation of Aviation Radioelectronic Equipment
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