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What is Job Scheduling

Encyclopedia of E-Business Development and Management in the Global Economy
An optimization problem in computer science specifying which jobs should be assigned to specific resources at particular times.
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Efficient Service Task Assignment in Grid Computing Environments
Angelos Michalas (Technological Educational Institute of Western Macedonia, Kastoria, Greece) and Malamati Louta (Harokopio University of Athens, Greece)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-61520-611-7.ch104
The availability of powerful computers and highspeed network technologies is changing the way computers are used. These technology enhancements led to the possibility of using distributed computers as a single, unified computing resource, leading to what is popularly known as Grid computing (Foster, 2001). The term Grid is adopted from the power Grid which supplies transparent access to electric power regardless of its source. Cloud computing, scalable computing, global computing, internet computing, and more recently peer-to-peer computing are well known names describing the Grid technology in distributed systems.
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The State of the Art and Open Problems in Data Replication in Grid Environments
Job scheduling assigns incoming jobs to compute nodes in such a way that some evaluative conditions are met, such as the minimization of the overall execution time of the jobs.
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Incentive-Based Scheduling for Green Computational Grid
It is the process of allocating computing resources to many different jobs/tasks by a job scheduler based on certain scheduling algorithm(s) to ensure that all jobs/tasks are carried out fairly and on time.
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Schedulers Based on Ant Colony Optimization for Parameter Sweep Experiments in Distributed Environments
Is the process of allocating a set of jobs belonging to an application into available computing resources. The main objective is achieving a high system throughput while matching application needs with the available computing resources.
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A Simulation-Optimization Approach for the Production of Components for a Pharmaceutical Company
Problem for which various jobs have to be sequenced, for instance, on a production resource (typically a machine or a production line).
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