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Note: This proposal form is for those wishing to launch a new journal publication. If you are interested in submitting a journal article manuscript for consideration, please visit our call for papers page here.
IGI Global's Acquisitions team will use the following information to conduct the initial assessment of your proposed publication. Filling out each section thoughtfully and thoroughly will help expedite the review process of your proposal.

All fields are required unless otherwise noted.
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Tentative Titles  
Please provide 3-5 title suggestions. We ask that titles are kept concise without the use of subtitles. Commonly used keywords should be included within the title to assist potential readers in searching for the title.
Indexing Keywords  
The inclusion of 3-10 indexing keywords will better assist us in categorizing your title.
Please provide a description of your proposed journal, including a concise definition of the subject area.
Objective and Mission  
A brief objective and mission of your proposed journal and why it should be published.
Potential Associate Editors/Editorial Review Board Members  
The inclusion of these resources is necessary for the peer review process. Please note that these individuals must confirm their appointment prior to being formally added to the review board.
Intended Audience  
Plans for Reaching Contributors  
Please identifying specific networks, conferences, research groups, website plans, etc.
Potential Solicitation Channels  
Identify potential contexts in which this journal will be used and to what market this journal is appropriate for.
Abstracting Services and Indices (optional)
Please list any abstracting services and/or indices you are familiar with that align with the mission and coverage of your proposed journal. If/when the journal is contracted and it meets the criteria outlined by the abstracting services and/or indices, this journal will be submitted for consideration.
Research Partnerships (optional)
IGI Global is always examining new partnership opportunities. If you are currently a member of a research association or society that might be interested in partnering with your proposed journal, please list the name of the association or society here. Please also include a contact person’s full name, title, and e-mail address.
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