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Increase Your Paper's Impact

Increase Your Paper's Impact

Congratulations on your newly published Open Access (OA) work! Under Creative Commons licensing, you have full sharing capabilities without any limitations, please look at our Fair Use Policy webpage for more information about how and what you can share.

As you may already know, you directly benefit from sharing your work as each time it is distributed you will see greater usage, higher citation rates, more networking opportunities, and propel its source (the book or journal) into higher indexing statuses, which also influences your author-level metrics and citation impact. Please also keep in mind that higher citation rates for your work can be extremely beneficial information to your institution as they are making promotion and tenure decisions. We are determined to increase the discoverability of your work with the goal of getting it indexed in major indices. Increasing the citation usage, impact, and discoverability of your research shows the indices that your work is relevant, high-quality material.

To learn more about indexing, Open Access, and how important it is to share your work, please view the following Newsroom posts:

Overview of Sharing Opportunities

Post on Your Institutional Repository

It is fundamental to the advancement of your research that it is accessible to those who need it. Both Open Access content and subscription-based content may be posted on your institutional repository.

To ensure your citation impact increases, that your field utilizes your research, and that your research is built upon in the future, you can also put us in direct contact with your institution’s librarian. We can help them explore tailored content solutions that include the full title that your publication appears in. Often, acquisitions librarians rely upon your expertise for recommendations of scholarly titles that will enhance the library’s collection. As the librarians lack experience in your specific topic area, you are the best individual to share the importance of your crucial research.

Post on Third-Party Platforms

Your research may be freely shared on platforms such as ResearchGate, arXiv, Academia.edu, SSRN, and/or society-sponsored sites.

Under the CC BY 4.0 licensing arrangement included in Open Access publishing, you can post the full journal article or book chapter to general open access sites for free download and distribution. The more freely accessible your work is to the academic community, the more use it will get, thus increasing the citation usage, impact, and discoverability of your research.

Under the traditional subscription-based publishing model, you may share your paper’s title, abstract, and link back to where it can be purchased on IGI Global’s website.

Post on Social Media

Share your journal on social media, on personal and professional websites to showcase your valuable contributors and to increase the exposure of the title. Through showcasing the title to others in your field and the wider academic community, it will help increase the interest in the title. You can explain why your publication is beneficial to the academic community, tag associations, colleagues, and others within your posting including @IGIGlobal, and harness the powerful communication capabilities of social media to increase the overall exposure of your publication and share it with the masses.

Create a Short Video

Develop a 60-90 second video discussing the essence of your research. Please share your video to your YouTube channel or other video hosting platforms and provide embed links and coding for us to utilize for sharing your video.

Guidelines for Videos:
  • Provide a quick overview of your credentials, including name, title, and affiliation.
  • Talk about working with IGI Global
  • Mention the title of your contribution and describe it. If you will be talking about an article or chapter in a journal or book you contributed to, let your audience know which journal or book it has been published in.
  • Explain your published contribution, be it Open Access or traditionally published, and how it relates to media and current trends, in 2 minutes or less.
  • Tell your audience where the content is available (www.igi-global.com) and that you have included the links to your title’s webpage in the description.
  • Have a description for your video ready.
    • Include links to your research’s webpages on IGI Global’s Online Bookstore for your viewers to easily find.
    • Utilize at least three appropriate hashtags for what your title is about to aid its discoverability.
    • Include brief details about who you are as a researcher.
    • Include your research’s metadata in the description of your video, as this helps with discoverability and search engine optimization (SEO). You can use your title’s citation, which you can generate easily on your title’s gateway page with the “Cite” button beneath your title in MLA, APA, and Chicago style formats.
    • Here are some examples below:
      • In Telework and COVID Changes (Part 1 of 6), Dr. Brown discusses the changes COVID brought to telework, remote work, and remote life in general.
    • While the concept of teleworking has existed for many years, the COVID-19 pandemic drastically altered the operations of businesses and industries around the world. Through these shifts, there have been many challenges of adapting employees, business operations, productivity levels, technology, and more to meet this increased demand in teleworking. Through these challenges, not only were businesses forced to adapt, but a new wave of telework and its approach have been fostered.

      Analyzing Telework, Trustworthiness, and Performance Using Leader-Member Exchange: COVID-19 Perspective: https://www.igi-global.com/book/analy...

      #Telework #RemoteWork #RemoteLife #BusinessLeadership

    • Join Prof. Maria Pressentin from the International School of Management, France, on her and her contributing author’s book launch webinar, in which they discuss some of key points and necessities they address in Key Factors and Use Cases of Servant Leadership Driving Organizational Performance

      Effective leadership is a major influence in the value creation for the success and sustainability required for organizations to thrive. Servant leader, or service minded-behaving leader, motivation and interactions tend to promote exemplary performance and collaboration in organizations. This is a 21st century must-have workplace-applicable style to develop cohesive high performing teams, purposeful and engaging environments, and build trust and organization vitality.

      Key Factors and Use Cases of Servant Leadership Driving Organizational Performance: https://www.igi-global.com/book/key-f...

      #ServantLeadership #BusinessLeadership #Entrepreneurship

    • Prepare to upload your video to your YouTube channel or other video hosting platform:
    • Video and audio formatting:
      Google Support
      YouTube Formatting Specs
    • Embed code:
      Google Support
      YouTube Embed
    • Provide embed links and coding for us to utilize for sharing your video.
  • Provide your name, affiliation, credentials.
  • Include the title of publication in which your work was published in, the name of chapter or article contribution, and links to full publication and your chapter or article.
  • Present an explanation about how your work differs from other research. Make sure your description is more pointed and detailed than your abstract for where the research fits in with present-day realities and applications, especially if you can relate it to recent news.
  • Make sure to share your contributor-exclusive discount code to provide your audience with a 35% discount to access your research: IGI35
  • Example:
    • I am Dr. Michael A. Brown Sr, President of Right Fit Communications, LLC. As COVID dramatically changed our world, it led me to analyze our world in terms of telework specifically and remote life in general. My intent was to discover all I could about the new ways in which we all balance family and work, and how we address trustworthiness, performance, and accountability issues. These considerations are necessary to understand the ways in which the world goes to work and to discuss the dynamic ways that people find to communicate with each other.

      I started by working with several colleagues to conduct research on the reasons for resistance to telework to shed light on how COVID has changed us. Qualitative interviews about telework and evaluations of employee engagement led me to discover ideas and actions that should prove helpful to organizations. A variety of issues or concerns are evident, including distractions, fatigue, accountability, communication, productivity, technology, coping, work hours, resources, and telework plans or the lack thereof.

      My new book, Analyzing Telework, Trustworthiness, and Performance Using Leader-Member Exchange: COVID-19 Perspective, is intended to help leaders reinforce what we know, discover what we do not know, and identify what we do not know, and identify what we should ask questions about. The discoveries we have made can assist those charged to work through positive and negative aspects of telework.

      You can find my book on IGI Global’s Online Bookstore. The link is in the description below. Utilize my exclusive contributor discount code of IGI35 for a 35% discount off my research and more. This code can be utilized on books, journals, chapters, and articles. Remember to apply it during step two of checkout.

Guidelines for Recording:
  • Be sure to not have other noise in the background.
  • Speak clearly and concisely.
  • If you have earbuds with a microphone, use that and do not worry about talking directly into it as it should pick up normally.
  • Make sure you are properly lit (need to see your face) – not in a dark room or overly bright room.
  • Avoid windows for unwanted shadows on face.
  • Try to look into the camera as best you can.
  • Try to avoid moving and fidgeting if reading off a script or screen. (May use hand movements to help explain if that helps.)
  • Give yourself time at the beginning and end. (Don’t begin speaking immediately after recording, get situated first. As well as wait a second or two after finishing reading or speaking before ending the recording.)
  • Set the camera at eye level. (Not too low and not too high)
  • When recording make sure it is horizontal and not vertical.
  • Frame Yourself Appropriately.
  • Proper Framing should be as follows:
    Proper Framing
  • Examples of similar videos Videos

Use in Course Packs

Get the next generation of researchers excited about your field – and your research contributions. IGI Global offers a personalized Course Adoption Program that allows your students to purchase the discounted publication directly through IGI Global’s Online Bookstore or through your university’s bookstore.

Share with Colleagues

Send your published work to colleagues and friends in your network and ask them to share and distribute your work. Increase your publication's visibility and citation impact by disseminating it within your academic community. Doing so showcases your research and gathers the support of your peers, encouraging them to utilize it in their research endeavors. Spread the word of your research through:

IGI Global’s “Colleague Recommendation Form”

  • Ensure your colleagues around the world are aware of this publication so they can take advantage of this emerging research.
  • Locate the form beneath the Discoverability tab in the eEditorial Discovery® system.
  • Share With Your Colleagues the Exclusive 35% Contributor Discount.
  • They can use this code to affordably acquire your title.
  • They can also distribute the code to their students to have individual copies.
  • Apply the coupon code IGI35 during the checkout process to take advantage of this offer.
  • Note: This discount can only be used when ordering directly through the IGI Global Online Bookstore.

Recommend Your Publication for Course Adoption

  • Set the groundwork for educating and inspiring the next generation of researchers to build upon your advancements
  • Learn about our streamlined process
  • Provide students with specialized discounts to ensure they can affordably access this publication
  • Share your IGI35 discount with your students to help them utilize your research
  • Work with us directly for orders for your campus’s bookstore
  • Adopt your publication into your own course

Communicate with Associations and Partnerships

Use your reputable and prestigious associations and partnerships, with which you are affiliated, to ensure your innovative research gets in front of as many people as possible to further expand the current body of scientific knowledge across diverse fields of study. These groups can support your research though the promotion of your publication and are often proud to showcase the impressive work of their members.

Share Via Conferences and Events

As an expert in your field of research, you will come across opportunities to attend events and conferences. These events create opportunities to start conversations about your innovative research. Conferences and other events enable you to showcase your research, providing you with a valuable opportunity to be seen by others in your field and a chance to pave the way for future collaborations.

Customized Materials that IGI Global can provide for Your Conferences and Events:

  • Book Brochure: Showcases key elements of your publication including copyright year, description, topics covered, pricing information, and more.
  • Custom Conference Discounts: Offers conference attendees a special discounted price to be utilized at conferences and events.
  • Cover Image(s): A high-quality, downloadable cover image of your publication that you can utilize when you are sharing your publication through digital media (i.e. social media, online websites, blogs, etc.), print media, as well as your email signature, and more.
  • Event Press Release: Announces the details of your event, including time, date, how to join, and additional details of your book. After the event, if a public recording is available to share, the recording will be added to the press release and your book’s web page.

Are you a keynote speaker, panelist, or session leader?

Let IGI Global’s Marketing Team know as we are always looking for the latest editor and author news and events to share with our full network of librarians, researchers, and partners. Through keeping IGI Global up-to-date on your latest research endeavors and functions, we can highlight your accomplishments through our IGI Global Newsroom, postcards, and other promotional outlets.

Last Updated June 29, 2023