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What is Criticality

Handbook of Research on Operational Quality Assurance in Higher Education for Life-Long Learning
A critical stance towards the world of systematic knowledge (thinking), the inner world (self-reflecting) and the outer world (acting).
Published in Chapter:
From Reflective Practice to Critical Thinking: The Reflective Practitioner in Higher Education
Eva Cendon (FernUniversität in Hagen, Germany)
DOI: 10.4018/978-1-7998-1238-8.ch008
This chapter explores the role of reflection and the development of reflexivity in programs of professional studies in higher education. Serving as empirical basis is a qualitative explorative longitudinal study with students in different master's programs at a University for Professional Studies, considering the students' perspective and their changing understanding and practice of reflection both at the workplace and in their studies. The students' perspective is complemented by an analysis of interviews with teachers in professional master's programs about their teaching strategies supporting students' learning. Linking these two perspectives leads to a developmental model of reflection over the course of studies that allows new ways of interpreting the reflective practitioner in higher education.
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Culturally Sustaining Film Pedagogies
analysis to better understand something’s power and meaning.
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Criticality-Based Designs of Power Distribution Systems: Metrics for Identifying Urban Resilient Smart Grids
An attribute attached to an infrastructure or component, which reflects its importance compared to other infrastructures within a system, reflecting the severity of the direct and indirect consequences of a failure for the system. Building on the first definition, criticality with respect to a certain good, the infrastructure needs to fulfill its tasks, describes the adverse impacts of a reduced or insufficient supply of this good to the infrastructure on the system.
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Heeding the Call of America's Youth: Teaching Pre-Service Teachers About Race and Young Adult Literature
A term coined by Gholdy Muhammed to refer to something other than critical thinking. Criticality asks that students know how to write, speak, read, and think about power and equity so that they can understand and promote anti-oppression.
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MRO Spare Parts Management and Inventory Optimization
An item that, if unavailable, would prevent the plant from operating and for which there is no viable alternative.
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Linking Criticality and Creativity: Engagement With Literary Theory in Middle Grades English Education
Meeting texts, concepts, and understandings with a number of different questions with the aim of increasing an understanding of what is being expressed.
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