Ali Jafari

Ali Jafari (jafari@iupui) has worked in the fields of Information Technology and Multimedia since 1985 as a software designer, system engineer, technology architect, professor and researcher. He has worked in various engineering, administrative and academic positions at the Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI campuses. He is currently Director of the IUPUI CyberLab and Professor of Computer Technology in the School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. Dr. Jafari has presented at more than 100 national and international conferences and published in professional and scholarly journals on a variety of subjects in information technology as it relates to teaching and learning. Dr. Jafari’s research interests include interface design, agent-based learning environments, intelligent user interfaces and most recently Internet portals. Dr. Jafari has initiated, directed and co-developed several major research and development projects including the Interactive Multimedia Distribution System (1997), the Oncourse enterprise course management system (1999) and the Angel e-Learning Portal (2000). Professor Jafari’s new research and development project is electronic portfolios, a new teaching and learning portal environment to be built by a consortium of higher education institutions. For this purpose he has initiated and established the ePort Consortium (


Handbook of Research on ePortfolios
Ali Jafari, Catherine Kaufman. © 2006. 648 pages.
The Handbook of Research on ePortfolios is the single source for comprehensive coverage of the major themes of ePortfolios, addressing all of the major issues, from concept to...
Course Management Systems for Learning: Beyond Accidental Pedagogy
Patricia McGee, Colleen Carmean, Ali Jafari. © 2005. 399 pages.
Course Management Systems for Learning: Beyond Accidental Pedagogy is a comprehensive overview of standards, practices and possibilities of course management systems in higher...
Conceptualizing a New CMS Design
Ali Jafari. © 2005. 15 pages.
This chapter discusses the characteristics and requirements for the Next Generation of Course Management System (CMS). The chapter begins with a survey of the current CMS systems...
Designing Portals: Opportunities and Challenges
Ali Jafari, Mark Sheehan. © 2003. 318 pages.
Portals present unique strategic challenges in the academic environment. Their conceptualization and design requires the input of campus constituents who seldom interact and...
Mark Sheehan, Ali Jafari. © 2003. 5 pages.
This is a book about Internet portals in higher education. It grew out of the editors’ sense that the application of portal technologies to college and university needs is a much...
The ABCs of Designing Campus Portals
Ali Jafari. © 2003. 21 pages.
This chapter discusses the fundamental design requirements for building Internet portals, in particular building portals for educational institutions or so-called “campus...
The Next Generation of Internet Portals
Ali Jafari. © 2003. 12 pages.
Today’s portals bring together existing technologies in useful, innovative ways, but they don’t scratch the surface of what is possible. The constant build-up of information and...
Educational Portal White Paper
Ali Jafari. © 2003. 21 pages.
This white paper conceptualizes and discusses the design and application of a super web portal for state or nationwide educational applications. The term “Educational Portal”...
Development of a New University-Wide Course Management System
Ali Jafari. © 2000. 11 pages.
Distance learning is no longer a conceptual discussion, a buzzword, or a show-and-tell demonstration in a computer trade show. It is a multi-billion-dollar business moving its...