Complimentary Library Collection
Development Service
Finding appropriate resources for research and title acquisitions can be an extremely time-consuming process, based on the needed expertise in various research areas, especially when taking into consideration limited resources and staffing. As such, IGI Global is pleased to offer a complimentary library collection development service for librarians, researchers, and distribution partners, in which our expert Editorial Team will hand-select titles based on your individual and institution's research needs.
Benefits for IGI Global’s Complimentary Library
Collection Development Service:
  • Saves time in the title acquisitions and selection process.
  • Customized suggestions ideal for library title acquisitions.
  • Utilize IGI Global’s Editorial Team who are experts in trending research areas and IGI Global content.
  • Peer-reviewed research sourced from IGI Global’s reference books, scholarly journals, and InfoSci-Databases.
  • Receive title recommendations within two business days.
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