What Is IGI Global’s Transformative Open Access Fee Waiver Initiative?
IGI Global offers flexible Read & Publish and Publish & Read agreements to support the academic community in embracing the OA movement & increasing accessibility of research. These agreements stand out from others in the industry, as based on the agreement reached, it can provide 100% OA article processing charge or chapter processing charge waivers, funding to convert a journal to platinum OA, and/or support for funding an OA reference book.
Do You Benefit from OA Funding through Your Institution with this Initiative?
Search your institution’s name below to review the level of funding that is available through your institution, and if your institution is not listed, recommend this initiative to your institution’s librarian.
1. Check Your EligibilityOR
Recommend to Your Librarian
2. Submit Your Research
Submit your article to an IGI Global journal and select “Open Access.” If you are eligible, you can select your institution when submitting to see if you are eligible for a waiver. If you are interested in receiving funding for a full Gold OA book project or funding to support your journal under diamond/platinum OA, contact your library or IGI Global at eresources@igi-global.com. View Call for Papers >
3. Identify Yourself as an Eligible Author
There are four ways we can recognize your eligibility for open access publication through this agreement. When you submit, be sure to identify yourself in at least one of the following ways in the proprietary eEditorial Discovery® Manuscript Submission System.
  • Select your institution from the dropdown list.
  • Use your institution's domain email address.
  • Provide your affiliated institution’s name when submitting (if you are affiliated with multiple institutions we recommend utilizing the primary affiliation under which you are looking to utilize a waiver)
  • Ensure your IGI Global Portal Account information is up to date. Update >
4. Acceptance & Approval
If your manuscript is accepted (following peer review), and waivers/funding are available, your research will be approved for OA without causing any delays to the publication process.
5. Promote & Share Your Research
OA research is published under a CC BY license (where the author maintains the copyright), enabling anyone to freely read and share it.
Questions? Contact IGI Global at eresources@igi-global.com or your library with questions.
What Publication Types Are Covered by This Initiative?
article100% OA Article Processing Charges
Providing 100% OA APCs when faculty/staff at the institution are accepted into an IGI Global journal.
articlePlatinum/Diamond OA Journals
Dedicating the matching OA APC fund to a faculty-led journal to assist the conversion of the journal to Platinum/Diamond OA.
articleFull Gold
OA Books
Utilizing the matching OA BPC fund to support a faculty-led Gold OA book publication.
Want to know more about how you can benefit from any of the above options? Contact your library or IGI Global at eresources@igi-global.com.
This fund will be offered on an annual basis when a library maintains an open access agreement with IGI Global.
What Content Can You Access With This Initiative?
e-Book Collection
6,600+ e-Books
(120,000+ Chapters With More Than One Million References) of Peer-Reviewed Research in
11 Academic Subject Areas
Recommend to Library
e-Journal Collection
140+ e-Journals
(30,000+ Articles With 1,000,000+ Citations) of Peer-Reviewed Research in
11 Academic Subject Areas
Recommend to Library
Knowledge Solutions
e-Book & e-Journal Collections
4 Major Disciplines
Business, Computer Science & IT, Education, and Social Sciences
Recommend to Library
imageimageNick Newcomer

IGI Global is spearheading a truly transformative open access agreement which empowers institutions in the academic community. These agreements ensure institutions can acquire access to needed research, mitigates “double dipping,” and provides a sustainable source of OA funding.

- Mr. Nick Newcomer, Senior Director of Marketing and Sales

How Does This Initiative Work?
Read & Publish
Step 1:
Institution’s library invests in IGI Global’s e-Collections and IGI Global provides flexible funding to go towards OA APC waivers, converting a journal to platinum OA, and/or OA book funding.
Step 2:
Once established, authors from the institution can submit their manuscripts under OA.
Step 3:
The peer review process is conducted, and if the manuscript(s) is accepted, funding is allocated toward the project, and it is published under OA.
Publish & Read
Step 1:
A library or institution invests in IGI Global’s OA Fee Waiver Initiative based on the publishing demand from their faculty.
Step 2:
IGI Global provides truly transformative pricing based on this demand, which can include converting article and chapter contributions, journals, and full reference books to OA, as well as funding future projects.
Step 3:
Once agreed, the specified resources will be published under OA (after the peer review and acceptance) and the institution will also receive access to our e-Collections.
IGI Global’s OA Fee Waiver (Read & Publish) Initiative can be renewed based on the agreement on an annual basis or as needed.
What Are the Benefits of This Initiative?
More for Your Investment
Maximize Your Library’s Investment in
High-Quality Content
Access to Peer-Reviewed Research & IGI Global’s InfoSci® Platform
Open Access Funding
Sustainable OA Funding for Researchers
Credible Publishing
All Research Undergoes Double-Blind
Peer Review
Support the OA Movement
Increase OA Resources Through a Sustainable OA Model
Strengthen Collaboration
Provide Additional Services to Patrons or Researchers Around the World
Boost Recognition
89% Higher
Download Rate

for OA Research
Accessibility and Inclusivity
40% of IGI Global’s Contributors are From Non-Western Countries
Flexible Pricing & Acquisitions Options
acquisitions icon
Perpetual, Subscription, EBA, etc. Available with 0% Price Increases for OA Funding
How Is This Initiative Mutually Beneficial?
The Open Access Fee Waiver (Read & Publish) Initiative allows for mutually beneficial relationships between IGI Global, institutions, and researchers. Benefits include a matching fund of OA fee waivers for institutions and open access publishing opportunities for researchers. Hover over the arrows for more details.
IGI Global
How Does IGI Global’s OA Fee Waiver Initiative Compare to Other Publishers?
Please find a comparison below of how IGI Global compares to recent examples of large Open Access deals Elsevier and Springer Nature have finalized. The graph showcases an example APC amount of US$ 2,000 and how the APC is covered under the agreement.
IGI GlobalAll Agreements
IGI Global waivers cover 100% of the article processing charge for researchers when waivers are available in any IGI Global journal (waivers can also be used toward full journal and book projects)
University of California Agreement
The University of California covers the first US$ 1,000 of each APC for all UC corresponding authors. For the rest of the funds needed to cover the APC, the researcher uses research funds or UC libraries pay
the remainder.
Springer Nature
University of California Agreement
The University of California libraries will cover at least the first US$ 1,000 of each APC for all UC corresponding authors. For the rest of the funds needed to cover the APC, the researcher uses research funds or UC libraries pay the remainder.
Showcasing IGI Global's 100% Coverage as Compared to Similar Read & Publish Options
% Covered
initiative comparison graphinitiative comparison graphinitiative comparison graph
Note: The comparison above looks at specific examples of larger deals for Elsevier and Springer with the University of California for 2021.
IGI Global Provides Flexible Access & Acquisition Models
As a medium-sized, independent publisher, IGI Global is able to provide flexible acquisitions and access options, transparent pricing, and innovative solutions ahead of our competitors, including our OA Fee Waiver (Read and Publish) Initiative. The table below represents the offerings of IGI Global e-Collections as compared to two other major publishing companies (Elsevier and Springer Nature):
IGI Global
Springer Nature
Perpetual, Subscription & EBA Models
Remote Access Options
Guarantee No Maintenance, Hosting, or Archiving Fees
Multi-User Licensing (No Additional Charge)
No Embargo of Content
*The information related to IGI Global competitors included in the above chart is based on the current available public information and may not exactly describe products and features.
Contact IGI Global’s e-Collections Team for More Information:
Nick Newcomer
Nick Newcomer
Senior Director of Marketing and Sales
Brittany Haynes
Brittany Haynes
Assistant Director of e-Collections (Southeast, Southwest, & Midwest)
Jared Peterman
Jared Peterman
e-Collections Specialist Coordinator (Northeast & Pacific Coast)
Richard Illingworth
Richard Illingworth
Director of Sales (EMEA, Australia & New Zealand)
e-Book & e-Journal Collections
Yvonne Li
Yvonne Li
Managing Director of IGI Science and Technology, Ltd. (IGI Global’s Subsidiary Office in Beijing, China)
Jiayan Fu
Jiayan Fu
Account Manager (China & Asia)
Genevieve Robinson
Genevieve Robinson
e-Collections Specialist Coordinator
(West & Canada)
Patrick Hoffman
Patrick Hoffman
e-Collections Specialist