IGI Global’s Open Access Agreements
& Transformative Options

What are IGI Global’s Options?
The Open Access (OA) Movement has been an ongoing uncertainty for libraries and researchers. IGI Global is committed to providing flexible options for institutions and libraries to participate in OA publishing.
IGI Global offers unique Open Access Agreements and Transformative Options (including Publish & Read models). We can work with you one-on-one for an analysis of your institution’s publishing appetite and review these options or discuss additional innovative solutions for your needs.
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IGI Global’s Options Include:
Open Access Agreements
Transformative OA Options
Publish & Read Agreements
Do You Benefit from OA Funding through Your Institution with this Initiative?
Search your institution’s name below to review if there has been funding available through your institution, and if your institution is not listed, recommend this initiative to your institution’s librarian.
1. Check Your EligibilityOR
Recommend to Your Librarian
2. Submit Your Research
Submit your article to an IGI Global journal and select “Open Access.” If you are eligible, you can select your institution when submitting to see if you are eligible for funding. If you are interested in receiving funding for a full Gold OA book project or funding to support your journal under diamond/platinum OA, contact your library or IGI Global at eresources@igi-global.com. View Call for Papers >
3. Identify Yourself as an Eligible Author
There are four ways we can recognize your eligibility for open access publication through this agreement. When you submit, be sure to identify yourself in at least one of the following ways in the proprietary eEditorial Discovery® Manuscript Submission System.
  • Select your institution from the dropdown list.
  • Use your institution's domain email address.
  • Provide your affiliated institution’s name when submitting (if you are affiliated with multiple institutions we recommend utilizing the primary affiliation under which you are looking to utilize funding)
  • Ensure your IGI Global Portal Account information is up to date. Update >
4. Acceptance & Approval
If your manuscript is accepted (following peer review), and funding is available, your research will be approved for OA without causing any delays to the publication process.
5. Promote & Share Your Research
OA research is published under a CC BY license (where the author maintains the copyright), enabling anyone to freely read and share it.
Questions? Contact IGI Global at eresources@igi-global.com or your library with questions.
imageimageNick Newcomer

IGI Global is spearheading fully collaborative Open Access Agreements and truly Transformative options to empower institutions as leaders in the Open Access movement and researchers who are contributing to the academic community. These options provide sustainable sources of Open Access support and/or funding.

- Mr. Nick Newcomer, Vice President of Marketing and Sales

Open Access Agreements
Article Processing Charges (APCs) can deplete an institution’s already scarce resources, leading faculty members to look towards outside funding or take on the cost of an APC themselves.
To simplify this process, your institution can invest an amount upfront into an OA Agreement Fund to provide your researchers with funding for APCs.
Pricing Options
Open Access Agreement
Investment Amount
Discount Available for APCs to be
Deducted from Institutional OA Fund
Why Should Your Institution Invest in This Agreement?
Lead the OA Movement
Become a leader in the open access movement and have your institution recognized for your efforts.
Support Your Researchers
Assist your researchers/faculty in making their research more accessible and discoverable under the CC BY 4.0 License.
Save When
You Invest
Receive higher discounts when investing more into an Open Access Agreement Fund.
Explore Through Extended Timelines
acquisitions icon
Funds are maintained over 12 months with a streamlined renewal process & ability to invest more funds throughout, so your faculty can explore this agreement to its fullest potential.
Contribute to Inclusivity in the Movement
Further contribute to inclusivity & equity across the movement by donating any leftover funds to be used for researchers from underrepresented regions to publish under OA (optional).
Based on
Your Needs
Base your investment amount according to your budget and/or publishing appetite. This is purely an Open Access Agreement with no investment in e-Collections required.
Transformative Open Access Options
Many libraries face the challenge of managing budgetary restrictions while supporting OA publishing for their faculty and acquiring needed content. IGI Global’s Transformative OA Options provide solutions.
As of 2023, all IGI Global journals will convert to Gold Open Access, and the 2000-2022 content (110+ e-Journals) will still be available for purchase. Invest in IGI Global e-Journal Collection backfile (archival) content, and we can work with you to convert your faculty’s published journal content to OA (CC BY 4.0 License) based on your investment.
e-Journal Pricing Options
One-Time Purchase 2020-2022
One-Time Purchase 2000-2022
US$ 31,500
How Does This Work?
  1. Transformative open access conversions of published work can be awarded based on the value of the e-Collection(s) acquired (see above options). For every $5,000 invested in the e-Collection, one (1) article can be converted to Open Access from 2000-2022 copyright years.
  2. Open access APC conversions will be utilized immediately at the onset of the Transformative Agreement, where published research (with IGI Global) from the institution’s faculty will receive the CC BY license (wherein the author maintains the copyright) and become freely accessible immediately. (These open access funds can only be applied based on affiliation of corresponding/lead authorship and are not available for supporting authorship. Your IGI Global representative will lead the research selection process and all conversions are at the discretion of IGI Global.)
  3. Open access funds cannot be applied as a refund to Article Processing Charges (APCs) submitted by faculty before or while the transformative agreement is initiated.
Why Should Your Institution Invest in This Transformative Option?
Lead the OA Movement
Become a leader in the open access movement and have your institution recognized for your efforts.
Support Your Researchers
Assist your researchers/faculty in making their research more accessible and discoverable under the CC BY 4.0 License.
& Open
Receive highly indexed and transdisciplinary journal content while also working with IGI Global to convert faculty’s published work to OA.
Invest Based on Your Needs
Full backfile and frontlist only options are available as part of this Transformative OA Option, which provides flexible acquisitions options.
How is This Option Mutually Beneficial?
The Transformative Option allows for mutually beneficial relationships between IGI Global, institutions, and researchers. Hover over the arrows for more details.
IGI Global
Publish & Read Agreements
Institutions can support the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEI&A) Movement by providing full funding for a publication, allowing researchers to publish regardless of funding, affiliation, and geographic location.
We can collaborate on Publish & Read Agreements in which an institution’s faculty-led full projects can be supported by the institution under Platinum Open Access (fully funded by an outside source). These options can provide access to e-Collection content at no additional cost beyond the OA support. Contact us to discuss options and flexibility in these arrangements.
Interested in learning more about the above options for your institution
or discussing additional innovative options to suit your needs?
Contact IGI Global’s e-Collections Team for More Information:
Nick Newcomer
Nick Newcomer
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Brittany Haynes
Director of e-Collections
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Genevieve Robinson
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Richard Illingworth
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