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When you publish under the OA model with IGI Global, you enable your work to be viewed by millions of readers worldwide immediately after publication and you are able to experience our personal support and commitment to editorial service. This includes:
  • Join a Diverse Community of 150,000+ Researchers Worldwide Publishing with IGI Global
  • Easily Track Your Work in Our Advanced Manuscript Submission System with Rapid Turnaround Times
  • Double-Blind Peer Review by Notable Editorial Boards (Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Certified)
  • Affordable APCs (Often 50% Lower Than the Industry Average) Including Robust Editorial Service Provisions
  • Publications Adhere to All Current OA Mandates and Compliances
  • Institution Level OA Agreements Available (Recommend or Contact Your Librarian for Details)
  • 175+ Highly Indexed Journals to Choose From (Gold, Platinum, & Retrospective OA Opportunities)
  • Content Spread Widely to Leading Repositories (AGOSR, ResearchGate, CORE, & more)
  • Direct Connections with Prominent Research Funders & OA Regulatory Groups 
Open Access Books
Deaf Education and Challenges for Bilingual/Multilingual Students
Deaf Culture in Inclusive SchoolsOpen Access
Policies, Practices, and Protocols for the Implementation of Technology Into Language Learning
Supporting Language Learning With OERs and Open-Authoring Tools
Open Access
Handbook of Research on Challenging Deficit Thinking for Exceptional Education Improvement
Defying Deficit Thinking: Clearing the Path to Inclusion for Students of All AbilitiesOpen Access
Advancing Health Education With Telemedicine
Updating Training in the Medical Field: The TARGET Model and Its Applications to Remote LearningOpen Access
Why Choose IGI Global?
As one of the few independent academic publishers remaining in the industry, we offer tremendous flexibility, innovation, and agility which provides us a high level of sensitivity to the needs of our stakeholders. This includes throughout the publishing process, title acquisitions, and beyond. Under our Open Access (OA) Book Publishing Program, we offer the following benefits:

Editorial Support

  • Full publishing support from an experienced editorial team.
  • Free use of IGI Global’s eEditorial Discovery submission system to manage projects.
  • Authors and editors can easily connect their publications with their ORCID iD in the eEditorial Discovery submission system.
  • Supplemental editorial services including professional line-by-line English language copy editing and proofreading.
  • IGI Global is a full member of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE), which supports the credibility and notoriety of all its published works.

Rights and Distribution

  • All OA books are published under a CC BY license where the copyright remains with the book’s authors/editors.
  • The DRM free e-book PDF file is clearly identified as open access.
  • The full content can be downloaded for free, read immediately, and shared anywhere including and ResearchGate.
  • All OA books are available for free download at and in IGI Global’s InfoSci online platform upon publication. There is no embargo of content.
  • All OA books are included in IGI Global’s e-book collections where libraries and individual customers will not be charged for the titles.
  • Authors are welcome to deposit the book file into their institutional repository or archive, citing and providing a link to the published version.

Marketing, Promotions, and Discoverability

  • All OA books receive strong marketing and promotion programs to encourage usage among the academic and research community, which includes international direct marketing.
  • All OA books are provided to Scopus and to the Book Citation Index (BCI) to be reviewed for possible indexing. IGI Global has numerous titles indexed in these and other prominent indices.
  • All OA books are catalogued at the Library of Congress and OCLC WorldCat.
  • All OA books will be submitted to the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) and Open Access Publishing in European Networks (OAPEN) (as IGI Global is an accepted member).
  • Metadata sharing with third-party discovery products and services including EBSCO’s Discovery Service.
  • All OA books are indexed by mainstream search engines.
  • All OA books are archived through CLOCKSS and LOCKSS.
  • MARC records will be provided to libraries for free.
Publication Models
IGI Global reference books have three publication models:
gold oa lock The Platinum & Gold Open Access Publication Models are used for books (authored or edited book manuscripts) that are exclusively published as Open Access (OA). All accepted chapters for Full OA Books (Platinum & Gold) will be published in an OA format. These types of books do not have an alternative standard access option to choose to publish under.
  • Authors or editors have an opportunity to secure funding to have their book project published as Open Access, in the form of a Book Processing Charge (BPC) for Platinum Open Access (full funding coverage), or they may opt to have the chapter authors (in the case of an edited project) pay Chapter Processing Charges (CPCs) for Gold Open Access (contributing authors support funding coverage), following the double-blind peer review if their work is accepted.
  • There can be multiple funding sources for open access books that can be secured by either one individual or institution or many individuals or institutions.
  • IGI Global’s open access processing charges are mutually beneficial to both publisher and contributor, as they ensure that the publication can be freely accessible to the academic community, increasing impact, notoriety, and exposure for the work. This BPC or CPC offsets the costs associated with the production of the work, rather than relying on readers to purchase.
  • All accepted chapters for Full OA Books will be published in an OA format. These types of books do not have an alternative standard option to choose to publish under.
  • Ideal for researchers looking to make their work freely and immediately available online without any reading fees.
Below is an example of the process for Open Access Publishing in a Platinum OA Book (Note: OA funding should be secured early in the process, but payment would not be requested until work is formally accepted for publication):
Submit Book Proposal Under Platinum OA
OA FundingSecured & BookContracted
Peer Review& DevelopmentProcess
OA Payment Made & ContentFinalized
Book Freely Accessible with a CC BY 4.0 License Held by Author
Below is an example of the process for Open Access Publishing in a Gold OA Book:
Submit Book Proposal Under Gold OA
OA FundingSecured & BookContracted
Peer Review& DevelopmentProcess
Chapter Freely Accessible with a
CC BY 4.0 License
Held by Author
hybrid oa lock The Hybrid Open Access publication model is used for edited book manuscripts that contain a blend of open and non-open access chapter content. These publications offer Chapter-Level Open Access publication, where contributing authors can choose whether to publish their chapter under OA or traditional non-OA. If the author opts to publish their chapter as OA, the author or their funding body is expected to pay a Chapter Processing Charge (CPC) following the double-blind peer review process if the work is accepted.
  • The payment of the CPC is to make the chapter freely available online while also included as part of a hybrid OA book project.
  • With this option, the published chapter is immediately made freely available without any embargo.
  • Should authors be interested in retroactively adjusting the publication model of their chapter from standard access to OA, we are happy to accommodate. The chapter authors will need to pay a discounted CPC in order to have the work adjusted and made freely available to the research community.
  • Ideal for researchers looking to make their work freely and immediately available online without any reading fees
Below you will find the process of a submitted chapter in an IGI Global Hybrid Open Access Book:
Submit Chapter
to a Book
Publish UnderFree StandardModelPublish UnderOA Model
ChapterAccepted AfterPeer Review
ChapterAccepted AfterPeer Review
Does NotPay a FeePay CPC
Chapter Accessible After Purchase & Copyright Transfers to Publisher
Chapter Freely Accessible with a
CC BY 4.0 License
Held by Author
Below you will find the process of a submitted chapter in an IGI Global Book:
Submit Chapter
to a Book
Publish UnderFree StandardModel
Publish UnderOA Model
ChapterAccepted AfterPeer Review
ChapterAccepted AfterPeer Review
Does NotPay a Fee
Chapter Accessible After Purchase & Copyright Transfers to Publisher
Chapter Freely Accessible with a
CC BY 4.0 License
Held by Author
IGI Global offers OA Publishing in all of our scholarly books in 11 Core Subjects with the ability to search by active call for chapters and by book or topic.
Peer Review
The peer review process is the driving force behind all IGI Global books and journals. All IGI Global reviewers maintain the highest ethical standards and each manuscript undergoes a rigorous double-blind peer review process, which is backed by our full membership to the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). The full publishing process and peer review are conducted within the IGI Global eEditorial Discovery® online submission system and on average takes 30 days. Learn More
Open Access Licensing
IGI Global's OA content operates under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) licensing arrangement. The copyright for the work remains solely with the author(s) of the chapter(s). Others may distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon the work, even commercially, without asking prior permission from the publisher or author and so long as they credit the author for the original creation. All authors are required to sign an author's warranty stating that the materials are original and unpublished elsewhere. These books will not publish any material that has been previously published elsewhere.
Book and Chapter Processing Charges

IGI Global Book Processing Charges (BPCs) range from US $13,000 to US $32,500. IGI Global Chapter Processing Charges (CPCs) are US $2,550.

What Does IGI Global’s Open Access BPC and CPC Cover?

In the traditional subscription-based model, the cost to the publisher to produce each chapter is covered by the revenue generated by book sales. Under OA, all the chapters are published under a Creative Commons (CC BY) license; therefore, the authors or funding body will pay a one-time book or chapter processing charge to offset the costs of all of the activities associated with the publication of the chapter(s), including:

  • Digital tools used to support the manuscript management and review process
  • Typesetting, formatting and layout
  • Online hosting
  • Submission of the book’s content to numerous abstracts, directories, and indexes
  • Third-party software (e.g. plagiarism checks)
  • Editorial support which includes manuscript tracking, communications, submission guideline checks, and communications with authors and reviewers
  • All promotional support and activities which include metadata distribution, press releases, promotional communications, web content, ads, fliers, brochures, postcards, etc. for the book and its published contents
When is Payment Due?

Payment of the OA processing charges (directly to the publisher) by the author/editor or a funding body is not required until AFTER the conclusion of the double-blind peer review process once the work has been formally accepted. Please note that IGI Global cannot schedule the chapters or book for publication or publish the content until payment has been received.

*If the funding body requires invoicing prior to acceptance, please contact to make arrangements.
IGI Global Resources for OA Funding:
  • The Open Access (OA) Movement has been an ongoing uncertainty for libraries and researchers. IGI Global is committed to eliminating these doubts by providing flexible options for institutions and libraries to participate in OA publishing. Learn More >
  • Books and chapters published via the traditional, subscription-based model (not open access) do not require the payment of an processing charges as the publication costs associated with these articles are covered by the revenue generated through book sales.

Additionally, find below common OA funding resources that provide additional information on country funding, OA standards, and more.

  • Refer to IGI Global's list of foundations and institutions that provide Open Access Funding Resources.
  • Sherpa Juliet  is a searchable database of research funders' OA policies.
  • The Open Access Directory maintains a list of institutional funds for OA publishing.
  • SPARC  maintains a list of North American universities and university libraries with OA funds.
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OAPEN Logo The OAPEN Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands, with its registered office at the National Library in The Hague. OAPEN is dedicated to open access, peer-reviewed books. OAPEN promotes and supports the transition to open access for academic books by providing open infrastructure services to stakeholders in scholarly communication

All of IGI Global's content is archived via the CLOCKSS and LOCKSS initiative.

Inquiries regarding IGI Global’s Open Access Publishing Program can be directed to:
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