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A world-class collection of over 3,800 information science and technology reference works, encyclopedias, handbooks of research, teaching cases, and proceedings. InfoSci-Books is a continuously growing database that provides e-books in both PDF and XML through a peer-review publishing process.


The IGI Global journal collection includes more than 170 cutting-edge, interdisciplinary journals managed since 1988. Covering emerging information science and technology trends, InfoSci-Journals is a strong investment for research-focused libraries.


The streaming video collection was developed in partnership with leading academics and practitioners to deliver information science and technology lectures. Featuring closed captioning and the ability to utilize the lessons on any device, InfoSci-Videos provides scholarly video lectures in 11 subject areas.

Librarian Features

COUNTER4 Compliant Reports
Downloadable MARC Records
RSS feeds
Persistent URLs at Any Time
Supporting SRU Industry Interoperability Standards
Customization with Your Institution's Name and Logo
No Fees Whatsoever for Any Maintenance or Services
Perpetual, Current-Year Purchase, and Annual Subscription
Google Scholar Subscriber Links
Archival Access

Researcher Features

No DRM: Copy, Paste, and Print Directly from the Platform
Advanced, Fast, Full-Text Search Engine with Ranked Results
Precise Search and Retrieval through Chapter-Level Indexing
Spell-Check and Auto-Complete Search Suggestions
Filtering Options Available to Refine Your Search Results
Full-Text HTML and PDF Viewing Options
Formatted Citations with Ability to Export to RefWorks and EasyBib
No Embargo of Content
Multi-Lingual User Interface
Unlimited Simultaneous Access

"Well formatted; clear print and a responsive layout perfect for increasing text size or use on a mobile device. A table of contents appears on the left side of the navigation and moves with the user as they scroll through the contents. This provides easy access to other chapters as well as any supplementary materials associated with the title."

-Bonnie J.M. Swoger, Library Journal

Library Journal

What Are Your Needs?

Does your library need the latest technology research?

Whether you are an undergraduate, graduate, researcher or faculty member, IGI Global databases contain the peer-reviewed information science and technology content you need.

Are you looking for cutting-edge e-resources?

With no DRM and unlimited simultaneous users, IGI Global e-resources are provided in PDF and mobile-friendly XML. The award-winning platform has unique tools such as Reference Hub.

Are you interested in customized materials to bring technology research to your community?

From brochures highlighting subject-specific resources, to LibGuides and presentations, IGI Global’s e-resources team will create customized materials to assist with outreach for your information science and technology research.

Are you assisting faculty with using e-books in the classroom?

IGI Global works closely with many academic libraries to assist with the utilization of e-resources in the classroom with favorable policies.

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