Ali Serhan Koyuncugil

Ali Serhan Koyuncugil is working as a statistician for Capital Markets Board of Turkey. He had his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in statistics from Ankara University Department of Statistics. His current research interests are design and development of fraud detection, risk management, early warning, surveillance, information, decision-support and classification systems, design and development of datawarehouses and statistical databases, development of indicators, models and algorithms, conducting analysis on capital markets, finance, health, SMEs, large scale statistical researches (e.g. census), population and development, socio-economic and demographic affairs based on data mining, statistics, quantitative decision making, operational research, optimization, mathematical programming, fuzzy set, technical demography theory and applications. He is elected member (fellow) of the International Statistical Institute (ISI) and member of the IASC and IASS sections of ISI, Turkish Statistical Association, Turkish Informatics Society and was former vice head of Turkish Statisticians Association. He has been taking part in a lot of international and national projects (UN, IBRD, EU, etc.). He has been taking part in a lot of international and national journals, conferences as an editorial board member, organizer, reviewer and advisor. His latest researches are about early warning systems based on data mining.


Early Warning System for SMEs as a Financial Risk Detector
Ali Serhan Koyuncugil. © 2009. 19 pages.
This chapter introduces an early warning system for SMEs (SEWS) as a financial risk detector which is based on data mining. In this study, the objective is to compose a system in...