Allen Farina

Allen Farina is a full-time faculty member in the Department of Professional Studies, School of Multidisciplinary and Professional Studies, at Purdue University Global. Dr. Farina holds a Master of Education degree from Lakeland University and a Doctor of Education degree with a concentration in Higher Education Leadership from Lynn University. He has worked in higher education settings for twenty years. Instructional experiences include serving on dissertation committees, teaching graduate classes in Leadership, Education, and Organizational Development, and undergraduate courses in diversity, multiculturalism, and general education. Administrative functions include curriculum writing, mentoring, and training online instructors, and course lead. Research interests include best practices in online teaching and learning, DEI in higher education settings, and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).


Ethical Navigations: Adaptable Frameworks for Responsible AI Use in Higher Education
Allen Farina, Carolyn N. Stevenson. © 2024. 25 pages.
In an era driven by digital innovation, artificial intelligence (AI), or Generative AI, emerges as a transformative force reshaping the landscape of higher education. Its...