Alvaro Díaz Casquero

Alvaro Díaz Casquero is a Graduate in Business Sciences, Marketing and Market Research, and a postgraduate degree in Digital Marketing, a role as a lecturer in the Department of Economics and Business Administration at the University of Malaga has been held since 2016.


Virtual Influencers: The Irruption of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Influencers
Mario Sierra Martin, Alvaro Díaz Casquero, Marina Sánchez Pérez, Bárbara Rando Rodríguez. © 2024. 17 pages.
The digital revolution has fueled the rise of influencers who shape opinions and behaviors online. However, the arrival of virtual influencers, avatars generated by artificial...
Digital Influencers and the Restaurant Sector
Alvaro Díaz Casquero, Eva María González Robles, Benjamín del Alcázar. © 2024. 19 pages.
This chapter delves into digital influencers' influential role in reshaping restaurant industry communication, dissecting their evolution, categorizing types, and their...