Amandeep Singh

Dr. Amandeep Singh holds a Doctorate in Management specializing in Marketing and he is also UGC-NET qualified. He holds more than 16 years of teaching experience. His main area of research is Consumer Sciences and Business Innovations. Currently, he is working as Professor at Chitkara Business School, Chitkara University, Punjab, India. He has published 48 research papers in various journals and conferences which are indexed in Scopus, Web of Science and Google Scholar. He has edited 7 books published by IGI Global, De Gruyter and Wiley. He has also chaired many National and International Conferences. He is on the editorial board of 3 International Journals. He was awarded the Best Teacher in 2008. He is also part of the Board of Studies of various B-Schools and leading universities in Northern India.


Algorithmic Approaches to Financial Technology: Forecasting, Trading, and Optimization
Amandeep Singh, Sanjay Taneja, Pawan Kumar. © 2024. 266 pages.
Today, algorithms steer and inform more than 75% of modern trades. These mathematical constructs play an intricate role in automating processes, predicting market trends...
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-Powered Smart Finance
Sanjay Taneja, Amandeep Singh, Pawan Kumar. © 2024. 347 pages.
In the field of finance, the pervasive influence of algorithms has transformed the very fabric of the industry. Today, over 75% of trades are orchestrated by algorithms, making...
Enhancing Customer Engagement Through Location-Based Marketing
Amandeep Singh, Amit Mittal, Murat Unanoglu. © 2023. 300 pages.
Proponents applaud location-based advertising as a way to bridge the gap between online and physical customer experiences and promote impulse purchases. Skeptics question whether...
Cultural Marketing and Metaverse for Consumer Engagement
Amandeep Singh, Sandhir Sharma, Amrinder Singh, Murat Unanoglu, Sanjay Taneja. © 2023. 335 pages.
People have cultural boundaries. Their thinking and decisions are affected by their cultural values and norms. Marketers implant cultural values and standards in advertisements...
Developing Relationships, Personalization, and Data Herald in Marketing 5.0
Jasmine Kaur, Priya Jindal, Amandeep Singh. © 2022. 327 pages.
Within the past decade, marketing has experienced three major challenges: generation gap, prosperity polarization, and digital divide. The disconnect between older corporate...
Institutions, Resilience, and Dynamic Capabilities of Entrepreneurial Ecosystems in Emerging Economies
Shivani Inder, Amandeep Singh, Sandhir Sharma. © 2022. 303 pages.
Entrepreneurial ecosystems enhance economic activities and growth in emerging economies. Such ecosystems sustain entrepreneurial ventures that provide a great push to the...
Applying Metalytics to Measure Customer Experience in the Metaverse
Devesh Bathla, Amandeep Singh. © 2022. 234 pages.
In many ways, the appearance of the metaverse is an unparalleled progression. A number of new technologies have come together to enable its vision. Augmented reality (AR) and...
Amandeep Singh. © 2021. 8 pages.
This Preface is included in the book Big Data Analytics for Improved Accuracy, Efficiency, and Decision Making in Digital Marketing.