Ana Pinto Borges

Ana Pinto Borges holds a PhD in Economics at Faculty of Economics, University of Porto and the Economic Degree in Lusíada University - North. She is coordinating Professor at ISAG - European Business School (ISAG) since 2010, President of the Pedagogical Council since 2015 and has been the Executive Coordinator of the ISAG Research Center (NIDISAG) since 2014. She is one of the founding members of the Research Center in Business Sciences and Tourism (CICET). She is the author of more than 40 publications in scientific journals with peer review and indexed in the various international databases. The researcher has been participating in various national and international congresses and member of the Scientific Commissions and Organizing Committees in academic events. Editor and one of the founding members of the academic journal European Journal of Applied Business and Management (EJABM). She was consultant at Accenture in the financial area. Economist at the Portuguese Healthcare Regulation Authority since 2010.


Gastronomy, Hospitality, and the Future of the Restaurant Industry: Post-COVID-19 Perspectives
Ana Pinto Borges, António Lopes de Almeida, Elvira Pacheco Vieira, Rui Rosa Dias, Paula Rodrigues. © 2022. 322 pages.
Gastronomic tourism has made remarkable progress within the past decade in both academia and within its own sector. However, many industries have suffered from the COVID-19...
Anxiety During the Pandemic: The Perceptions of Health Importance, Health Knowledge, and Health Consciousness
Paula Cristina Lopes Rodrigues, Ana Pinto Borges. © 2022. 14 pages.
This chapter intends to analyse the moderate effect of individual anxiety and gender derived by the pandemic crisis regarding health importance, health knowledge, and health...
Mass Masstige Index: Application in Wine Brands and the Importance in Restaurant Communication
Paula Rodrigues, Ana Pinto Borges, Paulo Ramos, Elvira Vieira, Catarina Alexandra Correia. © 2022. 12 pages.
This work intends to obtain for the first time one mass masstige index for wine brands and analyze the importance of that index in the restaurants' communications. The...
New Techniques for Brand Management in the Healthcare Sector
Ana Pinto Borges, Paula Rodrigues. © 2021. 244 pages.
Irrespective of the legal sphere and type of care (primary, secondary, and continuing), providers must ensure that users receive quality healthcare through the efficient use of...
Building Consumer-Brand Relationship in Luxury Brand Management
Paula Rodrigues, Ana Pinto Borges. © 2021. 318 pages.
Luxury is no longer a privilege of the high-net-worth individuals. It is now accessible to all. This has become possible because the essence of luxury has changed: from something...
New Luxury vs. Old Luxury: What Is the Definition of Luxury Brand?
Paula Rodrigues, Ana Pinto Borges. © 2021. 20 pages.
Understanding the concept of luxury and knowing what luxury means is still necessary and pertinent research because the definition of what luxury is has not proved to be...
Consumer Decision Making From a Beloved Brand: The Aspirin Case
Ana Pinto Borges, Paula Rodrigues. © 2021. 15 pages.
The purpose of this study is to understand the main determinants that influence consumer decision-making processes applied to the purchase of the brand Aspirin. For this, a set...