Angela K. Salmon

Angela K. Salmon is Associate Professor in Early Childhood Education at Florida International University, founder leader of the Visible Thinking South Florida initiative in Miami, United States of America (USA). She is Habits of Mind Certified. Angela has a well-earned reputation for building learning communities of practice and empowering teachers to gain ownership in their teaching. Her research interest on the interplay between cognition, language and literacy development led to focus on language and literacy development, storytelling, play and music, habits of mind, executive functions, metacognition, teacher’s discourse in the classroom and learning communities of practice. Her research draws from coaching teachers in the implementation of cutting-edge research-based ideas in the classroom. Her current research is on collective stories for influence. From her long-standing partnership with Harvard Project Zero and the Institute Habits of Mind she has developed numerous research initiatives, national and international lectures, and refereed publications. Dr. Salmon draws from progressive ideas that lead to authentic and meaningful learning with emphasis in global learning. She has contributed with keynote presentations, and consulting through the USA, Canada, South American Countries, England, Greece, Spain, New Zealand, and Australia. She served as a faculty member at Project Zero institute for 18 years. The Independent Schools of Victoria in Melbourne Australia invited her as “Thinker in Residence.” She chaired seven editions of the International Visible Thinking Conference and the 18th edition of the International Conference on Thinking (ICOT18). She holds a BS in School Psychology by Catholic University in Ecuador, a Master’s and Doctoral Degree in Education at University of Cincinnati, in Ohio, USA. Angela holds practical experience as a former kindergarten teacher; founder of a Reggio Emilia inspired preschool in Miami and two preschools in her home country Ecuador.


Handbook of Research on Socio-Cultural and Linguistic Perspectives on Language and Literacy Development
Angela K. Salmon, Amparo Clavijo-Olarte. © 2023. 500 pages.
The teacher’s role is to create opportunities that intrinsically motivate children to externalize their thoughts. Human beings have multiple means of expression: this is powerful...
Crafting Stories of Voice and Influence: Children's Cognitive and Emotional Engagement in Listening and Telling Stories
Angela K. Salmon. © 2023. 24 pages.
The interplay between language, cognition, and the effects of emotions promote language and literacy development. Children have a natural inclination to build on other...
Understanding and Facing Migration Through Stories for Influence
Angela K. Salmon, Kiriaki Melliou. © 2021. 27 pages.
Preparing students to face migration depends on how schools are responding to the needs of the children and their families. The authors introduce Stories for Influence to help...