Angelo Kevin Brown

Angelo Kevin BrownAngelo Brown received his master's at Arizona State University and his Ph.D. Criminal Justice and Criminology at Washington State University. His research and teaching in criminal justice and criminology are primarily on policy and policing from a comparative and intersectional perspective.


How the Police Released Body-Worn Camera Footage Matters
Angelo Kevin Brown. © 2024. 18 pages.
Body-worn cameras (BWC) policies can have a significant impact on police-community relations in various ways, which this chapter will examine. BWCs have been implemented...
The Traditional Restorative Justice Practices That Have Influenced Southern Africa
Angelo Kevin Brown. © 2023. 20 pages.
The indigenous peoples of Southern Africa have a tradition of using restorative justice practices. The region has used restorative justice practices primarily until European...
Fake It Until You Make It!: The Crimes and Trial of Anna Sorokin (Delvey)
Angelo Kevin Brown. © 2023. 16 pages.
The chapter will provide an overview of the life, crimes, and trial of Anna Sorokin better known as Anna Delvey. Anna had invented a false persona and life so that people would...
School Resource Officers' Impact on Violence and Crime
Angelo Kevin Brown. © 2023. 21 pages.
School resource officers (SRO) have been involved in the American school system for about 70 years. SRO programs began in the early 1950s beginning within a school district in...
The Criminal Side of Cryptocurrency
Angelo Kevin Brown. © 2023. 19 pages.
As cryptocurrency (crypto) has become more and more popular, so has crypto-related crime. There has been a lack of academic research on crypto-related crime, but it is becoming...
The Impact of Marginalization on Relations With Law Enforcement and the Criminal Justice System
Angelo Kevin Brown. © 2023. 19 pages.
This chapter provides an overview of how critical race theory (CRT) has provided an important context for the racial disparities in the criminal justice system. CRT has promoted...
Mass Shootings: Aan International Perspective
Kevin Angelo Brown. © 2020. 18 pages.
Understanding the international perspective discerning mass shootings is complicated and difficult to understand due to the lack of complete data. The problem that the world is...