Anita August

Anita August focuses her research on the areas of rhetorical visual theory and pedagogy, collective intelligence communities, feminist visual culture and practices, writing and identity, nineteenth-century feminist historiography, fairy tale pedagogy and creative writing pedagogy. Overall, her contribution to rhetoric andwriting studiesisto present an interdisciplinary and rhetorically situated analysis of discourse in all ofitsformswith a particularfocus on visual persuasion usingAristotle’srhetorical appeals: character (ethos), reason (logos), and emotions (pathos). Her research, then, investigates vision, visual practices, visuality, visual literacy, and visual culture in both historical and modern eras. For example, although visual signs and visual symbols codify meaning and thus create knowledge, her research examines and theorizes the rhetorical power of visual imagery as discourse. Therefore, she reaches across disciplines to facilitate a dialogue regarding the social construction of visual imagery as a meaning-making practice in socio-historical and cultural sites.


Visual Imagery, Metadata, and Multimodal Literacies Across the Curriculum
Anita August. © 2018. 295 pages.
A student’s learning experience can be enhanced through a multitude of pedagogical strategies. This can be accomplished by visually engaging students in classroom activities....
The Other Stares Back: Why “Visual Rupture” Is Essential to Gendered and Raced Bodies in Networked Knowledge Communities
Anita August. © 2018. 11 pages.
This chapter addresses the Other's Stare of gendered and raced bodies who visually rupture and resist their discursive formation in Networked Knowledge Communities (NKCs)....
A Terrible Beauty is Born!: Cultivating Critical Consciousness Using Trauma as Visual Metadata in Yeats's Poetry of Resistance, “Easter, 1916”
Anita August. © 2018. 10 pages.
The aim of this chapter is to examine William Butler Yeats's use of trauma as visual metadata during the Easter Rebellion in 1916 to raise critical consciousness for future...
Teaching and Learning in the Cloud: “Anywhere, Anytime.” Anybody, Too?!
Anita August. © 2017. 11 pages.
Knowledge is no longer produced exclusively in the traditional class-based learning environment. For twenty-first century learners, digitally networked classrooms are the new...
Visuality and the Difficult Differences in Networked Knowledge Communities
Anita August. © 2014. 15 pages.
This chapter argues that as Networked Knowledge Communities (NKCs) become increasingly the way knowledge is constructed, represented, and circulated, visuality in...