Arthur Edwards-Block

Arthur Edwards received his master’s degree in Education from the University of Houston in 1985. He has been a researcher-professor at the University of Colima since 1985, where he has served in various capacities. He has been with the School of Telematics since 1998. His primary areas of research are Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), distance learning, collaborative learning, multimodal leaning and mobile learning. The primary focus of his research is presently in the area of mobile collaborative learning.


Broadband Wireless Access Networks for 4G: Theory, Application, and Experimentation
Raul Aquino Santos, Victor Rangel Licea, Arthur Edwards-Block. © 2014. 452 pages.
With the increased functionality demand for mobile speed and access in our everyday lives, broadband wireless networks have emerged as the solution in providing high data rate...
Mobile Ad Hoc Robots and Wireless Robotic Systems: Design and Implementation
Raul Aquino Santos, Omar Lengerke, Arthur Edwards-Block. © 2013. 344 pages.
The emergence of wireless robotic systems has provided new perspectives on technology. With the combination of disciplines such as robotic systems, ad hoc networking...
Inter-Vehicular Communications Using Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Raúl Aquino-Santos, Víctor Rangel-Licea, Miguel A. García-Ruiz, Apolinar González-Potes, Omar Álvarez-Cardenas, Arthur Edwards-Block. © 2009. 19 pages.
This chapter proposes a new routing algorithm that allows communication in vehicular ad hoc networks. In vehicular ad hoc networks, the transmitter node cannot determine the...