Ben Falchuk

Ben Falchuk has a long and diverse background in computer systems and middleware, human computer interaction, multimedia systems, and graphical and creative applications. He has over twenty US patents pending and sixty publications, including peer-reviewed conferences, journals, and textbooks, including an entry for Wiley-Blackwell titled The Fabric of Mobile Services. He sits on the committees of prestigious international conferences and journals. Dr. Falchuk holds a Bachelor's of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree from the University of Waterloo, a Master's of Science degree from Carleton University, and a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Ottawa. He also holds certificates in computer animation and HCI from Sheridan College and Rutgers, respectively. Thanks to his Sheridan experiences, his studies in the Fine Arts Studio, and many years of evaluating and devising novel creative systems, he brings a unique perspective. Dr. Falchuk is currently Senior Scientist in the Applied Communication Sciences subsidiary of Ericsson (New Jersey). In this role, he develops new technologies, software, systems, and services. He architects and implements innovative software and develops intellectual property revolving around communications, multimedia, and creative applications.


Innovative Design and Creation of Visual Interfaces: Advancements and Trends
Ben Falchuk, Adérito Fernandes-Marcos. © 2012. 411 pages.
Computer graphics and digital design have come a long way in recent years, and it is difficult to keep up with the latest trends in software development and...
International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics (IJCICG)
Ben Falchuk, Adérito Fernandes-Marcos. Est. 2010.
The International Journal of Creative Interfaces and Computer Graphics (IJCICG) provides coverage of the most innovative and cutting-edge computer graphics and...