Brock R. Dubbels

Brock Dubbels specializes in user experience, user research, and assessment. He helped create the GScale Game Development and Testing Laboratory at McMaster University, and is currently in the Department of Psychology Neuroscience & Behaviour. He has worked as a Fulbright Scholar at the Norwegian Institute of Science and Technology; at Xerox PARC and Oracle, and as a research associate at the Center for Cognitive Science at the University of Minnesota. His specialties include user research, user experience, and software project management. He teaches course work on user experience research. games and cognition, and how learning research can improve game design for return on investment (ROI). He is the founder and principal learning architect at for design, production, usability assessment and evaluation of learning systems and games.He is also the founder of the, an organization providing free programming instruction to children, and is the Editor in Chief of the International Journal of Games and Computer Mediated Simulations. He currently on the UXPA-MN board and facilitates the UXPA Mentorship program.


Exploring the Cognitive, Social, Cultural, and Psychological Aspects of Gaming and Simulations
Brock R. Dubbels. © 2019. 333 pages.
Although gaming was once primarily used for personal entertainment, video games and other similar technologies are now being utilized across various disciplines such as education...