Bushra Shafi

Bushra Shafi received the Ph.D. degree in Social Work from University of Peshawar in 2010 and she is currently perusing Post Doctorate from University of Dundee, Scotland. Her research interest include Social Work, Sociology, and Gender Studies.


A Survey on Performance Evaluation Mechanisms for Privacy-Aware Web Search Schemes
Rafi Ullah Khan, Mohib Ullah, Bushra Shafi, Imran Ihsan. © 2023. 20 pages.
Due to the exponential growth of information on the internet, web search engines (WSEs) have become indispensable for effectively retrieving information. Web search engines store...
Web Search Privacy Evaluation Metrics
Rafi Ullah Khan, Mohib Ullah, Bushra Shafi. © 2023. 17 pages.
Privacy quantification methods are used to quantify the knowledge the adverse search engine has obtained with and without privacy protection mechanisms. Thus, these methods...
Knocking at Alternate Doors: Survey of Android-Based Smartphone Applications for Alternate Medicines
Rafiullah Khan, Mohib Ullah, Bushra Shafi, Urooj Beenish Orakzai, Seema Shafi. © 2020. 17 pages.
Despite the extraordinary progression in modern medicines, alternative medicine has always been practiced. Alternative medicine or complementary medicine is a term referring to...