Cari L. Keller

Cari L. Keller currently serves as the Dean of the Graduate College and Executive Director of Planning and Assessment at Northeastern State University. Prior to these appointments, she served as the Assistant Dean for the College of Liberal Arts and the Chair of the Department of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. She remains a tenured professor of Criminal Justice and Legal Studies. Dr. Keller serves on the Peer Review Corp with the Higher Learning Commission, an is a Master Reviewer for Quality Matters. Her research interests include campus victimization and campus safety.


Higher Education Response to Exponential Societal Shifts
Jerrid P. Freeman, Cari L. Keller, Renee L. Cambiano. © 2020. 420 pages.
Based on a structure developed centuries ago, higher education systems are being challenged to alter their landscape and culture. With a rapidly changing knowledge base, job...
Campus Crime and Victimization: Implications for Institutions of Higher Education
Cari L. Keller, Amy L. Proctor. © 2020. 24 pages.
Federal law requires colleges and universities to annually report their crime statistics. Case law further defines what liability these institutions face for failing to...