Chih-Che Tai

Chih-Che Tai is assistant director of the Center of Excellence in Mathematics and Science Education and an associate professor of science education at East Tennessee State University. He is actively involved in grant activities to improve STEM and Literacy education through partnerships with local educational agents, K-12 teachers, higher education faculty, business partners and organizations. His research interests include integrating Science, Technology, Engineering Technology, and literacy into K-12 education, as well as college and career readiness, teacher professional development, and teacher effectiveness. Tai holds a BS and MS in chemistry from National Taiwan University, and a PhD in science education from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Handbook of Research on Science Literacy Integration in Classroom Environments
Chih-Che Tai, Renee M. R. Moran, Laura Robertson, Karin Keith, Huili Hong. © 2019. 383 pages.
Secondary schools are continually faced with the task of preparing students for a world that is more connected, advanced, and globalized than ever before. In order to adequately...
Partnerships for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education and Career Prosperity
Chih-Che Tai, Ryan Andrew Nivens, Karin J. Keith. © 2019. 13 pages.
The purpose of this chapter is to report on partnerships between local school agents, business partners, institutes of higher education, and nonprofit organizations that promote...