Clyde W. Holsapple

Clyde W. Holsapple is a Fellow of the Decision Sciences Institute and holds the Rosenthal Endowed Chair at the University of Kentucky. His research focuses on supporting knowledge work, particularly in decision-making contexts, and on systems for multiparticipant collaboration. He has authored 150 research articles in journals such as Decision Sciences, Operations Research, Decision Support Systems, Journal of Management Information Systems, Group Decision and Negotiation, Journal of Operations Management, Organization Science, Communications of the ACM, Journal of American Society for Information Science and Technology, Knowledge and Process Management, Journal of Knowledge Management, Entrepreneurship Research and Practice, and IEEE journals. His many books include Foundations of Decision Support Systems, Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach, the Handbook on Knowledge Management, and the Handbook on Decision Support Systems. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce.


Reactive and Proactive Dynamic Capabilities: Using the Knowledge Chain Theory of Competitiveness
Clyde W. Holsapple, Jae-Young Oh. © 2014. 19 pages.
This chapter investigates the dynamic capabilities of market creators and followers by studying the nature of the environments they face. The turbulent and rapidly changing...
Clyde W. Holsapple. © 2011. 2 pages.
This Foreword is included in the book Digital Product Management, Technology and Practice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives.
How to Design, Develop, and Deliver Successful E-Learning Initiatives
Clyde W. Holsapple, Anita Lee-Post. © 2011. 35 pages.
The purposes of this chapter are three-fold: (1) to present findings in investigating the success factors for designing, developing and delivering e-learning initiatives, (2) to...
Performance Implications of the Knowledge Chain
Clyde W. Holsapple, Meenu Singh. © 2005. 22 pages.
Knowledge management (KM) initiatives are undertaken in order to improve organizational performance. The goal of such improvement is to make an organization more competitive in...