Darren Lee Pullen

Darren Lee Pullen is a lecturer in ICT, professional studies and multiliteracies in the Faculty of Education at the University of Tasmania (Australia). He has a diverse background with previous employment as a research fellow in the health sector, ICT consultant, and educator. His research interest is in the management of change processes with a particular interest in the micro-meso-macro level relationships between technology innovations and human-machine (humachine) relationships and interactions.


Multiliteracies and Technology Enhanced Education: Social Practice and the Global Classroom
Darren Lee Pullen, David R. Cole. © 2010. 340 pages.
Recently, educators have begun to consider what is required in literacy curricula and best teaching practices given the demands placed on the educator sector and on literacy in...
Technoliteracy, Discourse, and Social Practice: Frameworks and Applications in the Digital Age
Darren Lee Pullen, Christina Gitsaki, Margaret Baguley. © 2010. 312 pages.
In the digital age of technology, the nature of the educational system is becoming increasingly more complex and globally focused. Technoliteracy, Discourse, and Social Practice...
An Overview of Technology in Society: An Introduction to Technoliteracy
Amanda Walker, Bridgette Huddlestone, Darren Lee Pullen. © 2010. 19 pages.
Being literate is vital for learning and working, possibly more so in the digital age than in the industrial age, given society’s reliance on digital technologies. Individual and...