Devasis Pradhan

Devasis Pradhan is currently working as an Assistant Professor |Research Coordinator in the Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering at Acharya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru, Karnataka from 2017 onwards. His current research includes the effectiveness of 5G Green Communications, mmWave antenna design, UWB antennas, and its implementation. Presently he is continuing his Ph.D. at the National Institute of Technology, Rourkela, Odisha in the department of Electrical Engineering. . He has published 76 + research papers and 8 papers submitted to IEEE Access and Reputed Book and 4 books with a reputed publishing house. He is a co-editor in the Editorial Board & Peer-review of 8 International Journals and a committee member in the much-reputed organization. He has authored and co-authored 15 Book Chapters. He has been a Technical Committee Member and Reviewer for a reputed internal conference such as IEEE, Grenz Society, IFERP, etc; He has received 7 National Awards in the field of Academic and Research work from various governing bodies associated with the government of India. He is also an active member of ISTE, IEEE, ATMS, and other professional associations toward professional growth.


Voice-Guided Mobile Robot System for Disabled People
Hla Myo Tun, Devasis Pradhan. © 2023. 31 pages.
Mobility is one of the most important problems for totally and partially disabled people in daily life. Disabled people need some assistive stick or device to avoid obstacles...
Designing for Boundary Detection of Foreign Objects in Airports Using Python 3
Devasis Pradhan, Gnapika Mallavaram, Kumari Priyanka, S. Sneha, Sidhi Jain. © 2023. 8 pages.
Boundary detection of foreign objects in airports is a critical safety concern, as debris and other objects can cause significant damage to aircraft and pose a serious risk to...
Software Principles of 5G Coverage: Simulator Analysis of Various Parameters
Himanshu Kumar Sinha, Devasis Pradhan, Abhishek Saurabh, Anand Kumar. © 2023. 10 pages.
5G NR (new radio) coverage tool is a software-based solution that helps network planners and engineers to analyze and optimize the coverage of 5G networks. The tool uses advanced...
Demystifying the Role of Blockchain Technology in Healthcare and Transaction
Mangesh Manikrao Ghonge, Sulakshana Mane, Devasis Pradhan. © 2022. 25 pages.
In this chapter, blockchain technology and its applications in healthcare and transaction are studied, along with how certain features of this cutting-edge technology might...