E. Abigail Hathway

Abigail’s research focuses on fluid flow in the built environment, incorporating building simulation, particularly CFD, with experimental and field work. She completed her PhD at the University of Leeds in 2008 on CFD modelling of bioaerosols released in hospital environments due to nursing activities. Since this time she has expanded her work on indoor air to consider the outdoor environment and urban microclimates with a particular focus on the role of rivers on a cities climate.


Coupling Real-Time 3D Landscape Models with Microclimate Simulations
Lewis Gill, E. Abigail Hathway, Eckart Lange, Ed Morgan, Daniela Romano. © 2013. 19 pages.
With urban design, it is becoming increasingly important to both visualise spatial changes and quantify the effect of these changes on the local microclimate: the former often...