Elspeth McKay

Elspeth McKay , PhD, is Director of Cogniware.com.au since her change of career as an Associate Professor of Information Systems (IS) at the RMIT University, School of Business IT and Logistics, Melbourne, Australia. She is passionate about learning analytics (psychometric testing) and designing effective eLearning resources for the education sector and industry training/reskilling programmes, including investigations of how individuals interpret text and graphics within web-mediated learning environments. She has designed e-Learning tools implemented through rich internet applications including ARPS – an advanced repurposing pilot system, COGNIWARE – a multi-modal e-Learning framework, GEMS – a global eMuseum System, eWRAP – Electronic work readiness awareness programme, EASY – Educational/academic (skills) screening for the young, offering enhanced accessibility through touch screen technologies. Over the last decade Dr McKay has published extensively in the research fields of HCI and educational technology. In recognition of her contribution to the professional practice of IS research, she was elected as a Fellow of the Australian Computer Society (FACS).


Personalised Measurement Design: Implementing Industry 5.0
Elspeth McKay, Mahmoud Numan Bakkar. © 2023. 24 pages.
The digital economy is now upon us, providing new customer-centric business models fostered during the digital transformation of Industry 5.0. Social networks, mobile...