Emilio Esposito

Emilio Esposito is the chairman of the Management Engineering Degree Council and full professor of Business Economics and Organization at Faculty of Engineering of the University of Naples Federico II. He graduated in Aerospace Engineering and he was awarded a Ph.D. in Industrial Technology from the University of Naples Federico II. He is Head of the Aerospace Department of Odisseo (Centre for Organization and Technological Innovation of the University of Naples Federico II) and President of the association Campania Star-up (Association for entrepreneurship culture development). His research interests includes quality and technology management, technology and product evaluation in the aerospace industry, technological relationships between customer-supplier relationships, industrial organization in high tech industries (Aerospace and ICT), production organization in the aerospace industry, impact of ICT on the supply chain, e-government and e-procurement. He is author of more then 100 books and articles published in several national and international journals.


Supply Chain Innovation for Competing in Highly Dynamic Markets: Challenges and Solutions
Pietro Evangelista, Alan McKinnon, Edward Sweeney, Emilio Esposito. © 2012. 350 pages.
Rapid changes in technological development are forcing businesses to continuously innovate to improve their competitiveness, which is particularly evident in logistics and supply...