Emmanuel Benoist

Emmanuel Benoist is a professor of Computer Sciences at the Bern University of Applied Sciences. He teaches Web Security and low-level programming (C and Assembler) and conducts research activities at the Research Institute for Security in the Information Society (RISIS). He works on the link between security and privacy. This includes understanding privacy issues and the way they are solved for instance for criminal and illegal activities on the Darknet, based on which, he created a Darknet Observatory.


Applied Approach to Privacy and Security for the Internet of Things
Parag Chatterjee, Emmanuel Benoist, Asoke Nath. © 2020. 295 pages.
From transportation to healthcare, IoT has been heavily implemented into practically every professional industry, making these systems highly susceptible to security breaches....
Patient Empowerment in IoT for eHealth: How to Deal With Lost Keys
Emmanuel Benoist, Serge Bignens, Alexander Kreutz. © 2020. 14 pages.
The rise of internet of things (IoT) in medicine has generated tons of new data through connected devices. Medicine and research in medicine are interested in using those data...
Using Freenet as a Broker for Multi-Party Data Exchange in IoT for Health
Emmanuel Benoist, Jan Sliwa. © 2020. 13 pages.
Smart, networked medical devices play a rapidly growing role in healthcare. Those devices and their data have to be integrated into the healthcare system. There are several...