Enrico Sevi

Enrico Sevi has been a young researcher at University of L’Aquila and at LIUC University of Castellanza. He works at the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport and he is involved in the reconstruction processes after the earthquake of 2009. He earned his PhD in Information Systems Management at Luiss University of Rome in 2006 and he taught Organization, Human Resource Management, Knowledge Management and Organizational Behavior at University of L’Aquila and he took a module at the Master in Human Resources Management of Luiss Business School. He published papers in the Journal of Modelling in Management and Computer Modeling Organization and Theory. His main research activities deal with the development and analysis of agent based simulation models. In his works this methodology is applied to many fields: inter-organizational network, organization theory and design, decision theories, and cognitive aspects of teamwork and firms interaction.


Relational Methodologies and Epistemology in Economics and Management Sciences
Lucio Biggiero, Pier Paolo Angelini, Mario Basevi, Nunzia Carbonara, Antonio Mastrogiorgio, Eliano Pessa, Enrico Sevi, Marco Valente. © 2016. 485 pages.
The social sciences, especially economics, management, and organizational science, are experiencing a tremendous renewed interest for their epistemological and methodological...