Eva Perandones Serrano

Eva Perandones Serrano is a PhD accredited in Fine Arts, with a six-year research period (CNEAI) specialising in Education, Interactive Digital Technologies and Health, she is currently Director of Quality and Teaching Innovation and University Defender at U-tad (University Centre for Technology and Digital Art). Digital artist and professor of artistic drawing at this same centre since 2012, she has also taught at universities such as UNIR and UCM in fine arts, teaching, humanities and engineering degrees. In 2015, she was president of the Visual Design, Art and Creativity working group of the Committee for Digital Training Offers (CIOFD) and in the digital marketing business field, she was project manager.


Innovating in the Teaching of Perspective Drawing: From the Physical Model to the Virtual Environment
Eva Perandones Serrano, Vanessa Ruiz Martín, Francisco Javier Gayo Santacecilia. © 2024. 19 pages.
The main objective of the project is to develop an application that helps students to work on the perception and analysis of space for its subsequent representation, focusing...