Francesca Costanza

Francesca Costanza holds an international PhD in Model Based Public Planning, Policy Design and Management at the University of Palermo (Italy), a MD in Business Economics and Administration and a Msc in Healthcare Management. She was guest researcher at the universities of Bergen and Nijmegen and also conducted EU funded research at the Italian National Council of Research. She is currently lecturer of 'Corporate groups and consolidated financial statements' at LUMSA University (Palermo). Her research interests are: public management, healthcare management, value co-creation, entrepreneurship and digital entrepreneurship, sustainable tourism.


Managing Patients' Organizations to Improve Healthcare: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Francesca Costanza. © 2020. 173 pages.
In the last decades, the importance of performance management in healthcare organizations has progressively increased. Patient organizations can play a strategic role by...
Effects of Patient Mobility on Healthcare Systems: A Dynamic Performance Management View
Francesca Costanza. © 2020. 31 pages.
Due to the European Cross-Border Directive, the provision of quality healthcare in EU implies for patients the possibility to decide to receive medical treatments in their...
Distributing Mutual Advantages in Italian Cooperatives: An Analysis of Patronage Refunds
Francesca Costanza, Pietro Fontana. © 2019. 18 pages.
Italian cooperative organizations contribute sensibly to the national growth and development, pursuing a social function of economic redistribution. Since they are based on the...
Social Media Marketing and Value Co-Creation: A System Dynamics Approach
Francesca Costanza. © 2018. 26 pages.
Nowadays social media and brand communities provide virtual places where the consumers can publicize their opinions about products and services and play an active role as...
Governing Patients' Mobility to Pursue Public Value: A System Dynamic Approach to Improve Healthcare Performance Management
Francesca Costanza. © 2018. 24 pages.
This chapter combines traditional performance management and system dynamics simulation modelling to address patients' mobility issues and pursue public value. The Italian...