Francisco Milton Mendes Neto

Francisco Milton Mendes Neto received a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Campina Grande. He received the MSc degree in Informatics from Federal University of Campina Grande and received the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from State University of Ceará. He was Software Development Project Manager for Federal Service of Data Processing for several years. In 2006, after an incursion in industry, he joined the Rural Federal University of the Semi-Arid, Brazil, where he is currently an associate professor of the Graduate Program in Computer Science and of the Postgraduate Program in Computer Science. He is currently coordinator of the Research Group in Software Engineering and of the Software Engineering Laboratory. His main research areas are in distance learning, ubiquitous learning, knowledge engineering, knowledge management and multi-agent systems. Dr. Mendes Neto is a member of the Brazilian Computing Society and the IEEE Computer Society. Some published books can be found at and


Handbook of Research on 3-D Virtual Environments and Hypermedia for Ubiquitous Learning
Francisco Milton Mendes Neto, Rafael de Souza, Alex Sandro Gomes. © 2016. 673 pages.
As society continues to experience increases in technological innovations, various industries must rapidly adapt and learn to incorporate these advances. When utilized...