Fred Y. Ye

Fred Y. YeFred Y. Ye (Ying Ye) is an interdisciplinary scholar. His research interests cover scientific metrics, economics and physics. His publications include more than 100 published articles, 6 monographs and 3 textbooks. His main academic contributions include (1) scientific metrics with interdisciplinary applications and h-type metrics for network analysis; (2) vortex field theory for physics and wealth expansion theory for economics; (3) triad philosophy for merging eastern and western thoughts in contemporary philosophy. His research interest also extends to spirit philosophy. Dr. Ye was a Fulbright research scholar in the USA and a fellow, European Academy of Sciences and Arts. Now he is an emeritus professor in Nanjing University and lives in US.


Wealth Expanding Theory Under the Principle of Efficiency-Equity Equilibrium
Fred Y. Ye. © 2022. 279 pages.
It has been suggested that national economic policies should focus on taxation to achieve social equity and interest rates for economic efficiency; wealth distribution can...
Lian J. Ruan, Fred Y. Ye, Qiang Zhu. © 2017. 6 pages.
This Preface is included in the book Academic Library Development and Administration in China.