Georgia Kremmyda

Georgia Kremmyda is a Dr Civil Engineer, currently appointed as the Civil Engineering Degree Leader in the School of Engineering at The University of Warwick. Georgia received her PhD degree in Earthquake Engineering, an MSc degree in Tunnelling and Underground Structures and an MEng degree in Structural Engineering from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), Greece. In her current role she is responsible for the delivery and management of teaching at undergraduate and MSc level in Civil Engineering within the School of Engineering, providing leadership in curriculum development, administration, liaison with industry and other activities. Georgia also holds more than 12 years experience in the Industry on leading positions. Her teaching and research interests are oriented to: Earthquake Engineering; Reliability analysis and probability of failure of structures; Precast Concrete Structures; Structural Dynamics.


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Engineering disciplines have a pivotal role to play in the solution of global humanitarian challenges, enabling our society to take steps towards sustainable human development....
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There is growing interest in enabling competences such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving to engineering students by expanding their engagement to complex...
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This chapter presents results and analysis from the ENHANCE project survey for the views of employers and educators towards the impactful improvement of engineering degree...
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Over the years humanitarian issues have increased in many parts of the world including Indonesia. Such issues drive the need to evaluate Indonesia's engineering higher...
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Quality assurance in higher education is a global practice. However, the quality assurance aspect in the engineering educational institutions of Bangladesh is still at the...
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The 21st century is associated with a number of environmental, social, and economic challenges spanning from globalization and migration to climate change, global health...
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Solid design and craftsmanship are a necessity for structures and infrastructures that must stand up to natural disasters on a regular basis. Continuous research developments in...