Halil Sarıaslan

Halil Sariaslan is presently a professor of financial and quantitative analysis in the Department of International Business at Baskent University, Ankara, – Turkey. Dr. Sariaslan was formerly a full professor in the Department of Management, Faculty of Political Sciences, at University of Ankara, where he started his academic career as an assistant professor. Professor Halil Sariaslan received his B.A. degree from Ankara University in 1972 and his M.S. and Ph. D. degrees from the Florida State University, USA, in 1975 and 1978, respectively. He is presently the Chairman of the Department of International Trade (Business), College of Commercial Sciences, Baskent University, and the author of eight books, five research reports published in Turkey, Sweden, and USA, and more than twenty articles published in refereed and peer-reviewed journals. His publications are mostly in the field of finance and quantitative analysis for business management.


Planning and Analyzing Foreign Direct Investment Projects: Emerging Research and Opportunities
Halil Sarıaslan. © 2019. 338 pages.
Globalization, accelerated by information technologies, has increased the speed of business transactions and has reduced the distances between international businesses. This...
Dynamics of Globalization
Halil Sarıaslan. © 2013. 7 pages.
In this chapter, developments of the last few decades and their effects on global financial systems are evaluated from the New World Order point of view.