Harshita Patel

Harshita Patel had a Ph.D. awarded entitled ‘Efficient Computational Models for Classification of Imbalanced Data’ in Dept. of Computer Applications, Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology Bhopal (M.P.) in November 2017. Self-motivated learner gives emphasis on conceptual teaching and fundamentals. Generates subject interest in students through motivation, creative thinking, positive thinking with CAN DO approach and good verbal & communication skills. Impart theoretical knowledge with emphasis on application knowledge associated with lab learning, experimental and innovative approach in teaching with success records.


Categorical Data Clustering Using Harmony Search Algorithm for Healthcare Datasets
Abha Sharma, Pushpendra Kumar, Kanojia Sindhuben Babulal, Ahmed J. Obaid, Harshita Patel. © 2022. 15 pages.
Healthcare analytics provide many benefits in healthcare dashboard systems. Healthcare datasets majorly contains categorical attributes. This paper proposed an optimized...
Blockchain Applications in IoT Security
Harshita Patel, Ghanshyam Singh Thakur. © 2021. 275 pages.
Like many other scientific innovations, scientists are looking to protect the internet of things (IoT) from unfortunate losses, theft, or misuse. As one of the current hot trends...
A Review on Bitcoin and Currency Encryption: Bitcoin and Blockchain
Dharmendra Singh Rajput, Pankaj Shukla, Thippa Reddy G., Rajesh Kaluri, Kuruva Lakshmanna, Praveen Kumar Reddy Kumar Maddikunta, Harshita Patel. © 2021. 15 pages.
In today's world, security has become a major issue in our lives, and in this era, one cannot trust the government for handling their lifetime savings. That's where the...
Impact of Bitcoin on the World Economy: Opportunities and Challenges
Harshita Patel, Sadhana Burla, Manjula Josephine B.. © 2020. 6 pages.
Bitcoin has brought a revolution in digital market. Bitcoin doesn't follow any supervisory body or central authority to control it. Unlike any country's currency, it is...