Hiller A. Spires

Hiller A. SpiresDr. Spires, who has been on the NC State faculty since 1986, is a Professor of Literacy and Technology in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. Dr. Spires served as the founding director of The William and Ida Friday Institute for Educational Innovation and currently serves as FI Senior Research Fellow. She received the NC State Alumni Distinguished Graduate Professor Award in 2012. Dr. Spires’ research focuses on the effects of digital literacies on learning, including emerging literacies associated with gaming environments and Web 2.0 applications. She co-directs the New Literacies Collaborative. See newlit.org.


Digital Literacy for the 21st Century
Hiller A. Spires, Casey Medlock Paul, Shea N. Kerkhoff. © 2019. 10 pages.
Digital literacy involves any number of digital reading and writing techniques across multiple media forms. These media include words, texts, visual displays, motion graphics...
Digital Literacy for the 21st Century
Hiller A. Spires, Casey Medlock Paul, Shea N. Kerkhoff. © 2018. 8 pages.
Before the Internet was an integral part of life, Paul Gilster (1997) defined digital literacy as the “ability to understand and use information in multiple formats from a wide...
Community of Inquiry as Teacher Professional Development in China: New Literacies, New Complexities
Hiller A. Spires, Shea N. Kerkhoff, Meixun Zheng. © 2018. 19 pages.
Over the past decades, improving teacher instructional quality has been a top priority in the Chinese government's K-12 educational reform agenda. Within this reform context...
Designing a State-of-the-Art High School in Suzhou, China: Connecting to the Future
Hiller A. Spires, Marie Himes, Lisa Wang. © 2018. 20 pages.
Globalization, migration, transnational movements, and new economies have led educational leaders worldwide to view schools as key venues to develop global competence in working...
Chinese Parents' Perspectives on International Higher Education and Innovation
Hiller A. Spires, Kathryn E. Green, Pengcheng Liang. © 2018. 16 pages.
Since the turn of the 21st century, international academic mobility (IAM) has greatly increased on the part of Chinese students, with many students choosing to study in colleges...
Fifth Graders' Flow Experience in a Digital Game-Based Science Learning Environment
Meixun Zheng, Hiller A. Spires. © 2015. 18 pages.
This mixed methods study examined 73 5th graders' flow experience in a game-based science learning environment using two gameplay approaches (solo and collaborative...
New Technologies, New Horizons: Graduate Student Views on Creating Their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK)
Hiller A. Spires, Meixun Zheng, Manning Pruden. © 2012. 19 pages.
The purpose of this chapter is to present graduate students’ views of their Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) development. These graduate students are also...