Jacquelyn Ford Morie

Jacquelyn Ford MorieDr. Jacquelyn Morie’s 30 years of researching & creating meaningful VR experiences combines multi-sensory and perceptual techniques for VR that predictably elicit emotional responses from participants. Her company All These Worlds, LLC is active in social VR, Mindfulness applications, storytelling, stress relief experiences, avatars and immersive education & training. In 2016 she concluded a special project for NASA called ANSIBLE, a full virtual world ecosystem designed to provide psychological benefits for future astronauts who will undertake extremely long isolated missions to Mars. ANSIBLE was tested in an analog facility called HISEAS in Hawaii, where a team of six scientists was sequestered for a full year to simulate the conditions of isolation on Mars, including long communications delays. Dr. Morie also investigates the use of personal avatars for how we use them and how they affect our human selves. In 2004 she invented a novel scent release device for VR (now called called RemniScent), to aid in the evocative power of VR experiences. Her education includes advanced degrees in Fine Arts and Computer Science (MFA, 1984 & MS, 1988 from the University of Florida) and a PhD in Computer and Information Systems from Smartlab, University of East London in 2007. Morie lives on a tiny urban farm with her extended family in a 110 year old house near downtown Los Angeles, CA.


Handbook of Research on the Global Impacts and Roles of Immersive Media
Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Kate McCallum. © 2020. 539 pages.
The world is witnessing a media revolution similar to the birth of the film industry from the early 20th Century. New forms of media are expanding the human experience from...
The Promises and Challenges of Immersive Education
Jacquelyn F. Morie. © 2020. 23 pages.
This chapter covers immersive media as an educational tool, from its origins as a simulation training device for military applications to more recent examples of how it is being...
The eHealth Arena and Online Virtual Worlds: A New Paradigm for Internet Delivered Health Care
Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Eric Chance. © 2013. 16 pages.
Virtual Worlds, a recent addition to Internet offerings, are connected social spaces that have geographies and are populated by people using avatar representations. These spaces...
A Scientific Look at the Design of Aesthetically and Emotionally Engaging Interactive Entertainment Experiences
Magy Seif El-Nasr, Jacquelyn Ford Morie, Anders Drachen. © 2011. 27 pages.
The interactive entertainment industry has become a multi-billion dollar industry with revenues overcoming those of the movie industry (ESA, 2009). Beyond the demand for high...