Jeremy Riel

Jeremy Riel is an educational technologist who studies technologies for online learning and professional development. He is the coordinator of the Faculty Assistance Center for Technology at the University of Illinois at Chicago.


Essential Features and Critical Issues With Educational Chatbots: Toward Personalized Learning via Digital Agents
Jeremy Riel. © 2021. 17 pages.
Conversational agents, also known as chatbots, are automated systems for engaging in two-way dialogue with human users. These systems have existed in one form or another for at...
Enhancing Student Affect From Multi-Classroom Simulation Games via Teacher Professional Development: Supporting Game Implementation With the ROPD Model
Jeremy Riel, Kimberly A. Lawless. © 2021. 21 pages.
Educational simulations often require players to maintain a high degree of engagement for play in the simulation to continue. Student motivation and engagement is tied to...
Developments in MOOC Technologies and Participation Since 2012
Jeremy Riel, Kimberly A. Lawless. © 2018. 10 pages.
Defining and Designing Responsive Online Professional Development (ROPD): A Framework to Support Curriculum Implementation
Jeremy Riel, Kimberly A. Lawless, Scott W. Brown. © 2017. 12 pages.
Teacher professional development programs typically do not meet teachers' ongoing, long-term needs that arise. In this chapter, the authors forward a systematic framework...