Jim Carré

Jim Carré is a teacher in Curaçao Island. He received his master’s degree in Psychology in Florida (USA). He has a B.A. in Computer Science (Brazil). Furthermore, he had studied in Faculty of Societal and Behavioral (Curaçao) and Informatics (Venezuela). His recent topics of interest are: psychology, psychiatry, cognitive models, marketing and commerce, e-learning models, learning systems, artificial intelligence, systems security and augmented reality.


Technology-Enhanced Human Interaction in Modern Society
Francisco Vicente Cipolla-Ficarra, Maria Valeria Ficarra, Miguel Cipolla-Ficarra, Alejandra Quiroga, Jacqueline Alma, Jim Carré. © 2018. 319 pages.
Technology has changed the way people carry out their daily lives and communicate with one another. Society has become dependent on technology and with that comes the need to...
UNESCO, Digital Library, Interactive Design, and Communicability: An Excellent Example Online
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Jim Carré, Valeria M. Ficarra. © 2018. 33 pages.
We present a new category of interactive design called “eidomix”. Besides, the early results of a heuristic evaluation of communicability with the purpose of highlighting the...
Biomedical Test Instruments: Usability, Ergonomics, and Communicability Assessment
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Jim Carré. © 2018. 22 pages.
In the chapter is analyzed the evolution of the ergonomic and interactive design of an instrument of generalized use among people suffering from diabetes, such as is Melitus II....
An Exemplary Interface for All
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Alejandra Quiroga, Jim Carré, Jacqueline Alma. © 2018. 24 pages.
In the current chapter is analyzed the latest interface of the video game that has been capable of adapting to the evolution of the software and the hardware for almost a quarter...
A Lisibility Assessment for Mobile Phones
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Jacqueline Alma, Jim Carré. © 2018. 19 pages.
In the current chapter the lisibility or readability factor in mobile phones is analyzed, together with other components of usability engineering, communicability and ergonomics....
Poiesis and Video Games for Adults: A Good Example for the Cultural Heritage
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Jaqueline Alma, Miguel Cipolla-Ficarra, Jim Carré. © 2018. 18 pages.
The first studies of the social sciences aimed at the videogames of the 80s and the methods to evaluate the usability engineering of the 90s have highlighted a set of positive...
Anti-Models for Architectural Graphic Expression and UX Education
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Jim Carré, Alejandra Quiroga, Valeria M. Ficarra. © 2018. 16 pages.
We present the main motivations why the excellence of the university education related to architectural CAD, graphic art/expression, and UX may be inexistent in Spain, by...
Statistics and Graphics Online: Links Between Information in Newspapers and User Experience Evaluation
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Alejandra Quiroga, Jim Carré, Valeria M. Ficarra. © 2018. 30 pages.
In the chapter are indicated the main links of the isotopies between the static information and the different ways of graphic representation for the readers of online newspapers....
Storyboard and Computer Animation for Children: Communicability Evaluation
Francisco V. Cipolla-Ficarra, Alejandra Quiroga, Jim Carré. © 2014. 17 pages.
The authors present the key elements of the storyboard and computer graphics that must be contained in the computer animations that are broadcast as miniseries and are based on...